Monday, September 25, 2017

Meet The #Narrator: Joseph A. Batzel

As I mentioned in yesterday's post - not to mention, in several of my "recent"Writing Wednesday" posts - Joseph A. Batzel is the narrator for my "Toby's Tales" series. I thought you'd like to get to know him a little, so here's a little bit about Joseph - in his own words:

Joseph Batzel has a BA and an MA from Brigham Young University in Film and Theater. He is also a professional actor for stage and film for over thirty years. Joseph has over 150 voice- over credits including radio, TV, audiobooks, and animation. He has traveled extensively throughout the US teaching voice over workshops. Joseph is a dialectician and can perform most American regional dialects and most foreign accents.

Mr. Batzel has just joined Deyan audio one of the world’s largest Independent producer of Audiobooks as one of their narrators.

He is married to his wife Alice of forty-four years, she is a published playwright and working on her first novel. They have two sons and five grandchildren.

He presently lives in Brigham City, Utah where he currently works as an adjunct instructor at Utah State University teaching courses in Creative Arts and Public Speaking. 

Joseph is excited about being involved in producing the audiobook narration for “Toby’s Tales” and working with Victoria Zigler, the author.

You can get to know Joseph a little more by checking out his recent interview on Library Of Erana.

Also, he's doing a live Facebook event in a couple of days time, which you can find details of here. He has some more copies of the audiobooks to give away during the event.

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