Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#Writing Wednesday - September 20th 2017

Thanks to the skills of Joseph A. Batzel, my "Toby's Tales" series are now all available in audio. I'll be sharing links, doing guest posts, offering chances to get your hands on free copies, etc, all next week. Some of this will take place on my own blog, some will take place on the blogs of others. I'll do a round-up of the posts once they're all live so you can make sure you didn't miss any of them. If you're in a hurry to grab your copies though, you can find them on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Oh, and Joseph is doing a live event next week on Facebook. You can see the event details here. I'm going to do my very best to be there for it.

The audio versions of some of the other books I'd set up for production are now headed to retail and will also be available soon, so I'll be able to add their links to their posts, and get those posts sent out to the people who have generously agreed to host me. I have blog tours scheduled to start every four weeks starting from this coming Sunday, with the last of them scheduled for January.

With that being the case, I'm starting to think about dealing with the production and promotion of my stand alone stories and poetry books. I've decided not to ask people to host guest posts and things for me for those, since I don't want to make their readers sick of hearing my name. So I'll just be posting about the stand alone stories and poetry books on my own blog, as well as all over my own social media accounts. I'm sure the narrators will post about them on their own blogs and social media accounts too - assuming they have them. When I next publish something new, I'll plan another book tour to promote the new title, and mention in it that all my books are available in audio. That seems like the best option to me. Oh, and... No. I'm not only saying that because it means less promotional posts for me to put together (AKA less work for me). I genuinely think it will be the best way to avoid making people so sick of hearing my name on other sites that they start ignoring anything that mentions me. As it is I worry followers of my own blog will start getting sick of book announcement posts before I'm done. But I have to post them somewhere, so I'll be posting announcements for the stand alone stories and poetry books as and when they're available, probably between the tours for the series books initially. I promise to make sure to get some posts that aren't about the availability of audiobooks in among them though. Just bear with me over the next few months, OK?

Anyway, if you have books you want to make available in audio too, here's a guide to self-publishing an audiobook. Bear in mind that the amount of time required for doing it will actually depend on the length of the book. The author of this article, for example, quotes an average of eight hours listening time for the finished book, where as my own books - which are children's stories so much shorter than your average novel - don't even come close to that length. You need to make sure you allow the time you'll need to set everything up, deal with auditions and any questions your narrator might have, listen to the sample they'll send you first, and then listen to the final version. Not to mention, extra time if something needs to be changed that means you have to do the listening stages all over again, or if ACX spots an issue when your book goes to their review process. It's quite time consuming even for someone like me with shorter books to deal with, so just bear that in mind if you plan to join me on the audiobook production path.

Oh, and since Audible recently introduced the Audible.Ca platform, your audiobooks will now be available to even more listeners.

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