Friday, April 13, 2018

#FurkidFriday: The #EasterBunny Came To Visit (FD)

Hi everyone. This is Mollie the chinchilla.

A couple of weeks ago, the human caretakers suddenly told us the Easter Bunny was coming. I seem to remember them saying the same thing around this time last year. I didn't see a bunny then, and I didn't see one this time either. Neither did my chinchilla sister, Maizie, nor my degu brother, Joshua. Even the Lilie dog said she didn't see any bunny (Maizie asked her... I wasn't about to talk to a dog... Not even to get the answer to a question like that).

Maybe we didn't see him because we weren't ready for him? I mean, the human caretakers didn't put up sparkly and twinkly things like they do when it's time for Santa Paws to visit, and the first we heard he was coming was the night before he supposedly came, so we didn't really have time to make plans to watch for him or anything like that. But that doesn't sound right, because we usually notice when visitors come. Well, except Santa Paws... He always seems to get past us for some reason, even though we aren't quite sure how he always sneaks past us.

Well, I suppose the Easter Bunny must have somehow sneaked past us too, because there were all kinds of things in bright packaging for the human caretakers, which they said were called "Easter eggs" and left for them by the Easter Bunny, and some extra nibbles for us (since the human caretakers wouldn't share any of those Easter egg things with us). But, like I said, we didn't see any bunny, regardless of what the bunny might have been called. We did enjoy the oatmeal he left for us though. At least, we chinchillas and Joshua did... The Lilie dog got some other kind of nibble.

I suppose this mysterious Easter Bunny knows the same tricks as Santa Paws? He'd have to really, to be so sneaky he can get past us, even if we're watching for him. I mean, I know I said we weren't as ready for the Easter Bunny's visit as we always are for Santa Paws, but surely one of us would have noticed a bunny hopping about trying to carry all those Easter egg things for the human caretakers, right? After all, there are three of us, even if you don't count the Lilie dog.

So how did he hop past us? For that matter, how does Santa Paws keep doing it?

It's really quite puzzling.

If this Easter Bunny does know the same tricks as Santa Paws though, he's not as good at being on time. The Mummy human said he should have come a few days before he actually did. Something about how he didn't come because of her being somewhere... It doesn't make sense to me. I mean, I don't see why we should have to wait because she's not here. I also don't see why she went away again when we keep telling her it's bad behaviour. But that's humans for you: you humans never listen!

Anyway, back to the Easter Bunny mystery... I think I'm going to go find some nibbles to eat while I try to figure it out.

Squeak soon,


Rita said...

Yup! The Easter bunny is just as sneaky as Santa Paws. ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

I knew it!

Squeak soon,