Monday, April 23, 2018

Random Ramblings - April 23rd 2018

I was really glad for two things earlier this month. The first was the fact I schedule posts ahead of time, so write them in advance (even if I sometimes go in and edit details closer to the post's publication date). The second was that some of my books became available for sale in audio, so I needed to post the announcements for those. If it hadn't been for these things, my posts for most of April would have been a couple of quick notes explaining that I wasn't well, because it was all I could do to add the bit I did about how I ended up in hospital to the post I'd started working on before going in, and add the audio book purchase links to those other posts before scheduling them to go up in the slots I hadn't filled yet. This past week was the first time I felt up to doing more than that, and I'm sure you can imagine how much I have to catch up on with a couple of weeks of limited online activity. It's lucky I had the sense to do a few bits here and there on my phone, that's all I can say!

So... The infection I got while in hospital - the one that had me going back to A and E a few days after being released - had me in so much pain I wasn't good for much, and sitting at my computer was so out of the question. I haven't had one that bad in years. Thankfully, it seems to have cleared up now, so I guess the antibiotics the doctor at the hospital prescribed for me did the trick. I'm rather relieved about that, as I'm sure you can imagine. Although, I'm a bit annoyed that he gave me a prescription I couldn't get sorted until the following morning, and then just sent me home, even though I was in so much pain I was crying. I get that the hospital's pharmacy was closed, but I also know they have stuff on hand that the doctors and nurses can give out. He could have at least given me a stronger painkiller or something.

Anyhow, I have to go to the asthma nurse on Wednesday (April 25th). Turns out the doctor at the hospital didn't write down the names of the inhalers they gave me, and the doctor won't give me refills without me seeing the asthma nurse and showing her - or him, I suppose... Could be either for all I know right now - the inhalers I have from the hospital. While I'm there, I'll have to nag about getting more iron tablets, because when I asked for more of those, the doctor quite literally gave me enough to last the two weeks between when I was asking for more (because the hospital only gave me enough for two weeks) and when I see the asthma nurse this week. Mind you, she insisted on calling me before she'd even do that, despite Kelly handing her the letter from the hospital when requesting refills for me earlier in the day, just to ask if I still needed the stuff, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Yep, they're already asking if I'm sure I still need them. My answer was that I've needed them since I was a child. She pointed out I hadn't had them in ages. So I pointed out that I'd just spent my Easter weekend in hospital because of that. She decided I probably did need them, and gave me the two weeks of pills and an appointment with the asthma nurse. It's a start.

In other medical news:

My Grandma was in hospital for four nights. She's now home, and doing OK, though she's on new heart medication, and dealing with follow-up appointments to keep an eye on her and make sure the new medication is working. She's coming up for 80 though, and has some other health problems. Hopefully none of those will have her back in the hospital any time soon.

My Mam is out of hospital now too. She has to use a frame to walk, is on painkillers and antibiotics, and has honey patches on her legs that a nurse has to come in and change regularly (they're to help with the healing process). But at least she was finally able to go home Wednesday. She was in hospital for almost four weeks. Now she gets to finish the healing process at home, which she's probably very pleased about.

My new friend (Emma) is still in hospital too. I went to visit Emma about a week and a half after being released myself... Basically, when the infection had cleared up enough that I'd be able to sit and talk with her for a bit without crying. Our friends Lorna and Andy took me in to see her, while Kelly stayed home with Lilie. I didn't go visit Mam and Grandma because I couldn't. Mam was in hospital in Wales, and Grandma was in hospital in Devon. long journeys like that are tough on me normally, so doing one right now would have been stupid. They'd have ended up reserving me a bed in their hospital if I'd tried. Plus, when Grandma was in hospital I was in too much pain from the infection to even be able to sit up. But Emma's at the hospital I was at... Which is how I met her... And that's only about ten minutes or so from where I live, so I could manage that. Though I'm grateful to Lorna and Andy for making it easier on me.

Anyway, with all of us ending up going in to hospital for one thing or another, Kelly decided he should probably pay attention to the reminder from the doctor that he hasn't had his health checked in way too long. So he made an appointment to go in for a health check. He went in to see the nurse this past Wednesday (April 18th) while I stayed home with Lilie. Lilie wasn't too happy about it, because she hates her Daddy leaving, but I think he did the right thing in going for a health check. Turns out he got the all clear. Well, he did get some suggestions on lifestyle changes he should make, since some of his results were at the point where they were fine at the moment, but wouldn't be if he doesn't make a few changes. Plus he has a lump on his head the doctor needs to look at. We aren't really concerned about it. He's had it a while, and the doctor said it's just where fluid has blocked some of the pores in his skin or something... My Nan had similar lumps at one point... But it's grown, so we want the doctor to take a look. Plus, the doctor did say it should be drained/removed if it grew, so that might be what needs to happen now. But other than that he got the all clear. He has an appointment to get the lump looked at on Friday (April 27th).


It was Earth Day yesterday. Did you remember? I don't suppose it matters. I mean, I think it's great that there's a day set aside to celebrate the Earth, and remind everyone to take care of it. But doing it just one day a year isn't going to do a lot, so you should think about the future of the planet all year round. If you do that, it won't matter if you remember when Earth Day is, and we'll stand a better chance of leaving something for future generations to enjoy. As it is several species of animal are now extinct. What will we destroy next? With the people currently in power both in the UK and in the US, I dread to think!

Anyway, on a more cheerful note: yesterday was also the 6th anniversary of when I started publishing my books, and my blog's 12th anniversary is ten days away (May 3rd).

Time flies, doesn't it?

I was going to do something to celebrate them, but never got around to arranging anything. That keeps happening to me. Maybe if I start thinking about it now, I'll actually make it in time to arrange something for this time next year? Then again, I think I've said that before... Haha!

Anyway, the day before my bloggerversary - so, May 2nd - is Kelly's birthday. So an early happy birthday to Kelly! Also, happy birthday to anyone else who recently had theirs, or is about to.


Do you ever find yourself wondering why we use a particular phrase or word for something? Or, perhaps you've found yourself wondering why a seemingly unconnected thing will have an almost identical word to describe it?

If either of those is the case, or if you're someone who has an interest in the English language for some other random reason, you may want to take a look at the blog English Language Thoughts.

It's a blog that discusses words and phrases used in the English language, going in to their origins and history. I've been enjoying the posts, and think you might too.


Rita said...

Good grief! Seems like half your family was in the hospital! Glad you made a new friend and got to visit her, though. Let's hope you all stay out of the hospital now. And I hope Kelly has no issues with the lump.

I was around for the first Earth Day and it was a big deal in 1970 to get people to even think about what we are doing to the earth and recycling and all of that. Look how long it's taken since then for them to get recycling in more towns and plastic-type products that will decompose without harming the environment, etc. A lot of people back then thought--oh, it's just those crazy hippies...until scientists began to report on the changes to the environment. We've come a long way since then. (Way too slowly, I think, but humans are slow.) But today almost everyone has heard of recycling and climate change--even if they don't "believe in it". ;)

Jeanie said...

Oh my! You and yours are certainly doing their bit for the hospitals of Great Britain, aren't you? Your infection and such sounds so very scary -- and the frustration with the medication even more so, not to mention irritating, anger producing and counterproductive to good health. I'm so sorry, Tori. Please stay well and good wishes to your Mam, Gran and Kelly. I hope they drain that soon so he can get on with things.

Three cheers on your publishing anniversary. That's a very big deal and I hope you celebrated a bit because it certainly deserves it!

Danielle L Zecher said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so sick, and that your family has too. I hope you get good results and the medications all straightened out at your next appointment.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah... If we were in the same hospital, we could have almost filled one of the small wards just by ourselves. Haha! Emma's still stuck in hospital, poor thing, but at least the rest of us are home right now.

I'm 100% behind the idea of Earth Day. I just think people need to remember it's not just the one day you need to consider those kinds of things. Kind of like the, "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas," reminders.

Victoria Zigler said...

We sure are... Unfortunately! And, yes... Very annoying and irritating, and most certainly bad for my overall health... Stress is never a good thing.

Unfortunately, no. I didn't do anything to celebrate. I'd planned to, as I said, but with all the medical stuff... Well, it didn't happen. We did order food instead of cooking though, if that counts.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! I think things went well at my appointment with the asthma nurse - at least, as well as appointments like that can go - so that's a good thing. I'll fill you in on that in a couple of weeks though... In my next "random ramblings" post.