Friday, July 05, 2013

A-Z character challenge

There's another "A-Z" type reading challenge on one of the groups I'm a member of on Goodreads. This one is a character challenge though. You have to read books with a character in them for each of the letters of the alphabet. I don't mean read a single book with all the alphabet full of characters in, obviously, but read books until you've read about a character with a name starting with each of the letters of the alphabet.

Anyway, I finished my list earlier, so here it is:

A - Alex (Noah's Ark)
B - Bonnie (Queen Rider)
C - Catherine (Catherine's Tale: Love, Loss, Lust And Lies)
D - Dazz (Ice Country)
E - Ella (The Encounter)
F - Felix (Phoenix Watching)
G - Gandalf (The Lord Of The rings)
H - Hemingway (Blue Hearts Of Mars)
I - Ivy (Every Which Way But Dead)
J - James (A Class Apart)
K - Kara (Lichgates)
L - Lyra (The Golden Compass or Northern Lights)
M - Miles (Looking For Alaska)
N - Nikki (Nikki Powergloves - A Hero Is Born)
O - Oliver (Oliver Twist)
P - Polly (The Troll Trap)
Q - Quinn (Freeblood)
R - Rikke (Rikke: The Littlest Troll In Norway)
S - Sam (Shelter From Thunder)
T - Theodore (The Goldenwealth Light)
U – Ulvik (The Adventures Of Ulvik The Troll)
V - Victor (What Zombie's Fear: A Father's Quest)
W - Wooffer (The Old Oak Tree)
X - Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men)
Y – Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh Super Book)
Z - Zachary (Zachary Zombie And The Lost Boy)


Intense Guy said...

This is an interesting challenge.


Rikke: The Littlest Troll In Norway sounds like an interesting read!

Toriz said...

It was really cute! There are several short stories in the collection about a little troll's adventures.