Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hastings Pirate Day 2013

Today was 2013's Hastings Pirate Day.

Kelly, Kero and I were going to go, but it's still so hot! I think it's supposed to have been the hottest day of the year so far today... Sure felt like it!

Kelly went and got some photos for me again and says it was fantastic.

Wish I could see the photos.

Better yet, I wish I could have gone with him!

At least this time he brought a present home for me: a pirate goblet. It's really cool! It's plastic but carved to almost feel like it has the grainy effect of wood,, and it has a skull and crossbones on it, which is tactile so I can actually feel it!


Intense Guy said...

I bet you are looking forward to Pirate Day 2014!

Toriz said...

Yeah... Hopefully this time I'll get to go myself?