Wednesday, January 03, 2018

#Writing Wednesday: 2018 Goals

I did a post last week looking back at how 2017 was for me as an author. So, now let's take a look at my goals for this year. Here they are:

*Continue audiobook production until I'm caught up with making my backlist of books available in audio.
*Finish that pirate themed adventure story I keep promising you, and get it published in all the formats my books are now available in (eBook, paperback, and audio).
*Get my new pet themed poetry collection published. I have enough poems for it now, I just need to sort it ready to be published and arrange a cover for it. A clearer idea of a publication date will be revealed when I actually have one.
*Update my website and social media profiles so they mention audiobooks too (they currently only mention eBooks and paperbacks, despite around half my books now being available in audio).
*Change the paperback links on my Smashwords book pages so it lists the links for Amazon instead (they currently list the CreateSpace eStore links, despite the CreateSpace eStore being closed now).
*Just write, and enjoy the process.

How about you? Do you have any writing/publishing goals for 2018? If so, I'd love to know what they are. Tell me in the comments!

If you want to make some writing goals for 2018, but aren't sure what to pick, check out these ways to challenge yourself and level up your writing in 2018 for inspiration. Or, perhaps you want to focus on what you're not going to do this year instead? Either way, once you've made your goals, I'd love to hear what they are. As mentioned above, let me know in the comments.

Oh, and... There's still time to sign up for STORYSTORM 2018... If you want to, that is. I won't be signing up, but I always think the posts are great, so will be checking them out.


Jeanie said...

What a good and productive list -- and somehow, I have a feeling you will ace all of them.

I have one writing goal -- to finish my family history book by next November so I can print it for my family. I'm still in research phase (candymaking in the 1800s and conditions on board ships emigrating from Europe to the US in the 1700s.) It seems like whenever I think I'm done, I find a new tidbit and fall into the rabbit hole again!

Good luck with yours!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Good luck with yours too. You find out a lot of interesting things when researching family history.

Danielle L Zecher said...

It sounds like you have a very busy and productive year ahead of you.

My goal is to finally finish and publish the cookbook I've been working on for years. And I'd to successfully finish NaNoWriMo. The cookbook is real goal. NaNoWriMo is more of the hope.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes... It should be another busy and productive year for me. Good luck with both your goals.

Deanna said...

Very ambitious! But I have no doubt you can do this.

I plan to create at least one written product for my blog (ebook or course) and make some headway on my novel. I haven't worked out just what that will entail, yet.

Victoria Zigler said...

I should be fine. I gave myself enough goals to keep me busy this year, but kept them to a level where I'm sure I can achieve them.

Good luck starting on your novel, and figuring out what writing project you're going to do for your blog.