Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#Writing Wednesday - January 17th 2018

I've done very little writing so far this month. Between getting ready to go away, actually going away, and then trying to catch up with things from being away... Well, you know how it is, I'm sure. I knew it would be the case. Anyway, I'm hoping to change that during the second half of this month, since I'm now caught up on the mountain of eMails I came home to.

For me it's time that's stopping me writing as much as I'd like to be. However, if your problem is finding ideas, check out some of the posts for STORYSTORM 2018 to help you get inspired. Posts like this one on how you can beg, borrow, or steal from yourself. If you're still struggling to find those ideas that are supposedly all around us, try adding the most important ingredient: yourself.

On the other hand, if you've got too many ideas, and they're all fighting to get your attention, this post on how to get a new, distracting idea out of your head (for now) may help you.

But, no matter how well you're writing is - or isn't - going, if you're a writer too, feel free to share your progress in the comments section of this post. Oh, and remember to stop memorizing so many writing rules. Rules are great sometimes, but don't let them stop you from being creative, and remember that most writing articles are only advice you can follow if you wish, rather than rules you must obey.

Speaking of which, here are some more articles I think are worth reading:

Are you writing something with ruins in? Then check out these tips to writing about ruins, and make it believable that they'd be the way they are.

This post about including unique weapons in your story is worth a read too, especially if you plan to do just that.

Hey, did you know there are nine types of characters in fiction? Well, you do now! Whatever kind of character you need for your story, here are seven helpful and fun ways to create characters. Don't forget that your supporting characters need love too.

Regardless of the characters your story contains though, remember to show, don't tell.

However, if writing poetry is more your thing, take a look at these ways to improve as a poet.

Finally, regardless of what you write, here's some advice for when writing reminds you you're not very good at this (yet).


Jeanie said...

Traveling is always a good reason to fall a bit behind on writing. You're so prolific, I know you'll soon be back at it full force! Thanks for the links.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, and you're welcome about the links. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ack I just write like I am taking to a good friend:)

Victoria Zigler said...

Nothing wrong with that. In fact, for certain types of writing - blogging, for example - it's an excellent way to do it. :)

Danielle L Zecher said...

Thanks for sharing so many great links! I'm sure you'll be all caught up soon. :-)

Victoria Zigler said...

You're welcome, and thanks! :)