Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#Writing Wednesday - January 10th 2018

"Filicity The Musical Platypus" is now available in audio - in case you missed my post about it at the end of December. It's narrated by Jenny Bacon, who has done a couple of my other books too. I love working with Jenny, and hope to have her narrate more of my books in the near future as well. Anyway, if you want to get your hands on a copy of the book in audio, you can do so via Audible, Amazon, or iTunes. If you'd rather an eBook or paperback version, that's an option too. Either way, check out the post I just linked to for more details on the book, as well as for purchase links.


Are you an author/blogger or a bloggr/author? Either one is fine, but I'd love to know how you'd answer that question - assuming it applies to you. Personally, I've been feeling more like an author/blogger lately, but want to return to being more of a blogger/author. That's the reason for a certain blogging goal I have for 2018 (which you can read more about innext Monday's post).

Regardless of which you are, there's something you should beware of when it comes to strict writing routines. Since I can't stick to a daily routine, I don't have to worry too much about the dangerous consequence of writing routines. I wanted to make sure you were aware of it if you're a writer who writes to a routine though. Also, here's a post on writing with anxiety, in case that applies to you.

Regardless of how - or when - you end up writing your story, a hero's fate is not always simple... So give plenty of thought to how you will end your story.

No matter how you plan to end it though, the scenes and characters in your story need to be fleshed out, and food can often play a big part in that. With that in mind, here are some thoughts on food and drink for you to consider.

Writing a series? Here are some tips on writing a series, some more tips on writing a long series, and another post containing series writing tips. The author of these particular posts is one who I've shared much from recently. His name is Charles Yallowitz, and he's written an awesome fifteen book fantasy series, so I think it's safe to say he has some idea what he's talking about, or is good at pretending he does. Either way, his tips are worth checking out, and so are his books.

Anyway, if you're struggling to come up with writing ideas, check out the posts from this year's STORYSTORM, including this one on exploring culture and family tradition, and this one on taking inspiration from songs and rhymes that already exist - the latter being something I've done several times in the past with some of my poetry.

No matter what though, remember to write your own story.

Once you have your book, you'll want to let people know it exists. One way to do this is by making use of things like N. N. Light's new author services and packages. There are plenty of other bloggers out there happy to help you promote your work too, many of whom will do it for free.

Last, but certainly not least: while writing advice is often helpful, you need to consider how some writing advice can actually hurt you, and only make use of the writing advice that actually does work for you.


Jeanie said...

Interesting. I'm definitely a blogger first, author second and that's questionable but I'll let you know when I finish the book!

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm sure you'll make a wonderful author... When you finish the book. But I also think you'll always be a blogger first.

Intense Guy said...

I'm not much of either these days.

Frowns. Hugs.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I'm definitely a blogger. I don't think I can myself an author at all, yet, since I haven't published anything.

I hope your 2018 goal means we'll be hearing more from you on the blog. I always enjoy your posts.

Victoria Zigler said...

But you're still an awesome friend, and that's more important anyhow! Hugs!

Not more as such, but on more than just book related stuff. As I said, I'll be explaining more in Monday's post. Anyway, hopefully you'll soon have that book finished and published, and then you can call yourself an author. :)