Monday, May 27, 2013

Celebrating our anniversary and Kero's birthday 2013 (FD)

We had a great time celebrating our wedding anniversary and Kero's birthday!

We had some nice weather, so Kelly, Kero and I went for a couple of walks together. Though they had to be short ones, because I get tired and dizzy easily (if the hospital would hurry up, I wouldn't have these issues). Still, short walks are better than no walks, right?

We also watched the first two Tinkerbell movies together. They're really cute movies. I'd seen them before, but I didn't mind watching them again, especially since Kelly hadn't seen them and wanted to.

I helped Kelly put some of his figures together too. Well, I just put them on bases, but that's helping... Kelly says it counts! They're called tyranids. I think that's how you spell it, anyway. They're sort of rapter looking things.

Also, Kelly had pasta with tomato sauce and cheese with me without adding meat or anything, so we actually had the exact same dinner on our anniversary! Usually even if he has what I'm having he'll add some meat or fish, but not this time. This time he ate a fully vegetarian dinner with me!

We had some cheesecake too, though it took us until the following evening (Kero's birthday) to eat that.


Intense Guy said...

I hope it warms up soon - so we all can get back outside!

Toriz said...

Yeah... It's been pretty cold lately, and not outside weather that's for sure!