Monday, October 07, 2013

Kero's September 2013 medical update

A couple of years ago Kero had a lump thing that was something like a wart above his left eye, and the vet removed it. Last year we noticed one below his left eye, but the vet left it alone at the time. But recently it's started irritating his eye, so we all agreed it should be removed.

He went to the vet for his shots on September 19th, which was when we decided to have them remove it. He went in to have it removed on September 23rd, and all seemed to have gone well, but when he went back for his post-op check up on September 25th the vet told us the stitches were irritating his eye. He was also given a cone to wear just in case it was more because he was pawing at it than because of the stitches. Then he went for another check up on September 27th, and while he was there ended up going back under anasthetic to have the stitches sorted out. Then we were told to bring him back on September 30th, which we did. Once again all seemed fine, but the vet said to bring him back on October 7th (today) after his antibiotic ointment ran out.

He finally has the all clear, which I'm sure he's relieved about... So am I!


Intense Guy said...

Goodness. Kero's vet seems like your doctor. So slow to advance on things.

Toriz said...

I think it's the whole medical profession over here... People and animal doctors alike!