Monday, September 08, 2014

Owl photos from Saturday

We went to the local hospice for a fair they had going on there on Saturday (August 6th 2014) and were surprised to see they had owls there.

We tried to get photos, but most of the owls weren't willing to stay still enough for decent photos. Apart from this Barn Owl, who didn't seem interested in us at all:

And this European Eagle Owl, who was lapping up all the attention:

I didn't get the name or age of the Barn Owl, but the European Eagle Owl's name is Big Bird, he's 9 weeks old, and apparently very happy to be petted, since he let me pet him from head to tail so I could check out the fluff-like feathers he still has left on his head from when he was even younger compared to the feathers on the rest of him (which are still softer than cotton wool, but not so fluff-like).


Intense Guy said...

You are so lucky to get to pat the Eagle Owl!!!

That's a fancy looking bird!

Victoria Zigler said...

It was certainly a nice surprise to see owls there and get to pet one of them!

Karen said...

Wow, he's so much bigger than what I thought! And he's only 9 weeks old? Gorgeous! Looks soooo soft.

Victoria Zigler said...

They're fully grown at 12 weeks old, so he doesn't have that much growing left to do. I questioned it too when she told me how old he is; I'd have thought a 9 week old owl would be smaller too.