Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wyrd Worlds II

"WYRD WORLDS II is the work of an international collection of science fiction and fantasy writers, independent authors old and new, who have come together through the book recommendations site Goodreads to contribute to this anthology. This ebook contains a bumper 19 short stories from 17 independent authors from around the world, encompassing a wide range of science fiction and fantasy. Here lurks tales of the future, steampunk and time travel; of magical realms and fantastical deeds; and of things so weird they defy categorisation. The original WYRD WORLDS rode upon a new wave of indie collaborations; and now we're back!"

Here's the list of the stories contained in this anthology:

Horizon by Ross Harrison
The Visitor by Neil Shooter
A World Taken Over by Douglas Schwartz
The Joy Of Socks by A.L. Butcher
The Colonial Plague by L.L. Watkin
Humanity Was Delicious by Ubiquitous Bubba
My Last Day by Zach Tyo
Guisarme by Barbara G. Tarn
Rock Of Ages by Steph Bennion
The Diner by Michael Puttonen
Homeless by Neil Shooter
Gy by Peter Lean
Irrevocable by L.J. Hick
Poisoned Ground by Laurel A. Rockefeller
Sasha And The Collared Girl by Stan Morris
Quest For The Purple Pumpkin by Victoria Zigler
Free Will by A.L. Butcher
At The Bottom Of The Lake by Clark Graham
Changing Everything by Josh Karaczewski

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Click here to meet the Wyrd Worlds II gang.


Intense Guy said...

Got to enjoy a free book!

Some intriguing titles there.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes... You can never go wrong with a free book!

I happen to know some of the authors are very good. Others I'm reading for the first time while reading the collection (I held off reading all the contributions until it was done, except my own).

The prequel "Wyrd Worlds" - which is also free from most major ebook retailers - was really good.

Intense Guy said...

I went and got the prequel too! Thanks!

Victoria Zigler said...

You're welcome. Although, it should be me thanking you, shouldn't it? So.... Thanks! :)