Friday, October 06, 2017

#Furkid Friday: Lilie The #Westie's Spay And Recovery (FD)

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the Westie.

The photo above is of me sat on the Mummy human's computer chair. I was a little over five months old in that photo, which was taken almost three weeks ago now. This next photo was taken three days later:

Notice the cone thing on my head, and the bandage on my right front paw?

I woke up with the bandage on, and had the cone thing put on me soon afterwards. I'm still a bit confused as to why, and was even more confused at the time, since I was feeling weird and confused about everything that day.

Let me explain.

The humans took me to that vet place again. I didn't mind too much. I mean, some of the stuff that happens at the vet place isn't nice, but I love the ride in the taxi cab thing to get to the vet place; there's so much to see and smell out of the windows as we ride along in the car. Plus, everyone at the vet place loves me and wants to be my friend, which I think is awesome! I love friends!

People friends. Doggy friends. Any friends, really. All I care about is that they want to talk to me. If they want to play with me and give me treats too, that's totally fine by me, though I'm happy to be friends even if they don't do more than just say, "Hi," or tell me how cute I am.

Sorry, got distracted there. It happens sometimes. I'm easily distracted. Interesting smells, people I haven't said, "Hello," to in the last two minutes, food, toys... They all get me.

Erm... Where was I?

Oh, yeah... Right...

So, the humans took me to the vet place, I got poked and prodded a bit by the vet, the humans and the vet talked a bit about spades for some reason, the Daddy human got to play with the vet's pen - which I didn't think was fair, because she wouldn't let me play with it - and then the humans left me there.

Yeah, you read that right: They left me there!

I was really confused - and a little upset - as I watched them walk away, making promises about coming back for me later that I wasn't sure if they'd keep. They did keep them though, which I'm glad about, since I love my humans - especially my Daddy human!

Anyway, the vet put me in a cage, and after a bit gave me stuff that made me feel funny, and made me take a nap even though I didn't really want to take one. I woke up some time later feeling sore and confused, and with a bandage on my paw. My tummy was especially painful, but when I tried to get a good look at my tummy to see why it was hurting, they put the cone thing on me. They ket saying I had to leave my tummy alone, which doesn't seem right to me; it's my tummy, and I should be able to check it out if I want to! I was too confused and sleepy to argue though.

I was still trying to figure out what was going on - not to mention, still feeling weird and sleepy - when the Daddy human came back to the vet place to fetch me and bring me home. He carried me all the way home, and even up the stairs to our building, and I just let him, giving him kisses from time to time - or trying to, bearing in mind I still had the stupid cone thing on my head - so he knew I was glad to see him again.

I spent all the rest of that day curled up on the bed beside the Mummy human, with the Daddy human there a lot of the time too. I did eat and drink a little, but mostly I just wanted to cuddle and sleep. I might not have bothered with the eating, but the Daddy human was offering chicken, and I couldn't refuse chicken. Anyway, I think the Mummy human was glad I just wanted to rest, since she looked like she needed some rest herself.

I was feeling much better by the next morning. Although, my tummy still hurt, and barking didn't work as well as it usually did because my throat was a little sore. I heard the humans say something about the vet putting a tube down my throat while I was sleeping. I don't understand why, but I suppose that would explain the soreness in my throat. Anyway, at least I didn't feel weird and sleepy any more, which made me much more interested in things like food. I tried to play a little too, but the humans said I wasn't allowed to be bouncy, and I didn't feel up to arguing. Plus, they kept making me wear the cone thing, and it made playing tricky anyhow. So I found a bit of rawhide and settled down to gnaw on that instead.

They took me back to the vet place after a couple of days. Something about the vet wanting to check on me after surgery. All I cared about though was that I got to have another car ride, and was going back to somewhere with lots of friends, which I thought was awesome!

Apparently I was healing well, so the vet person said I could have the stupid cone thing off when the humans were around to make sure I wasn't licking and biting at my tummy. I still had to have it for human bed time, but even not having that awful thing on so much was wonderful news as far as I was concerned. Luckily for me, my humans are home all day. Why luckily for me? Because the rules about the cone thing said the humans had to be around when I wasn't wearing it. With them being home all the time, that just meant when they went for their sleeps. If they were the kind of humans who had to go out to that "work" place instead of doing whatever it is they do from home, I'd have to wear it while they went there too. Like I said, I'm lucky! Of course, the next time they're refusing to play with me because they need to do that work thing, I might not feel quite so lucky. But when I learned the rules about the cone thing, I felt very lucky indeed.

Anyhow, a week later, I was back at the vet place again. It was a quick appointment though, since they just checked me over and said I was all healed up and didn't have to come back again for a while. Even better, no more cone!

You know the worst thing about all this though? Other than having to wear that awful cone, I mean. No walkies! I wasn't allowed to go walkies for two whole weeks! Isn't that awful? I'm allowed to go again now though, thank goodness!

Lots of licks,


Rita said...

Oh gosh! So glad that is over with and the cone is gone and you can go on walkies again!!! :) :)

Jeanie said...

Ah, the cone of shame and humiliation. Don't worry, Lilie. It was to keep you safe! So glad you are better now!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Rita, and Jeanie!

Lots of licks,