Monday, October 09, 2017

October 2017 #Vegetarian Friendly #Food Themed Thoughts (FD)

With it being Autumn, and with Halloween approaching fast, you may like to take a look at this giant pumpkin recipe roundup that Deanna posted recently. As I mention in the comments section of the post, there are also some pumpkin themed recipes among those on my website's recipe section, along with a few others that are appropriate for this time of year. So, there are plenty of fun and tasty options for you to make this Halloween, especially if you want a pumpkin themed menu.

Though it's not pumpkin related - at least, I haven't seen mention of pumpkin yet - Sally recently posted some great information on cooking from scratch with carrots. The post contains some tasty sounding recipes from her friend Carol, as well as information on the history and health benifits of carrots. I haven't personally tried carrols exact recipes yet, but I've had those things made with slightly different recipes, so I know they'll be tasty. There are several other posts along the same theme, including one for asparagus, and another for sprouts. Some of the recipes are suitable for vegetarians, some are even suitable for vegans, others are not. Either way, you can find all the posts by going to the cook from scratch recipes page. You may also be interested in Carol's recipe hunter posts.

Going back to carrots for a moment though: I recently tried carrot fries. I thought they were really tasty. Regular fries are still my favourites, but I really enjoyed the carrot fries. I'd had sweet potato fries before, but hadn't had carrot ones until a few weeks back (well, it might be longer than a few weeks by the time I actually get this posted). Anyway, if you haven't done so, you should try them.

Another carrot themed recipe I tried recently is this one for carrot dogs with mango avocado salsa. A nice option for vegetarians at BBQs, don't you think? As I said, I tried this recipe recently. I didn't have the cabbage with it like the recipe suggested, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Anyway, they were really good. I enjoyed the carrot dog part more than the salsa though, and am considering trying it again at some point using my standard "hot dog" fixings - cheese, onions and ketchup - since I'm sure I'll love them that way. The carrot dogs are quite difficult to do on the grill really, but that's an issue you'll have with most vegetarian and vegan friendly grilling options.

Another thing I tried recently was a juice made from apple, asparagus and lime. I'd tried one with carrot in it before - I think it was carrot, apple, and orange - and really enjoyed it, so thought I'd give this one a go too. After all, I do like everything in it. The juice didn't work for me though. I finished the bottle so as not to waste it, but I wouldn't buy it again. You couldn't taste the apple and lime over the asparagus, and I didn't much care for what tasted like plain asparagus water to me. So, if you saw it recently yourself and are thinking of trying it, and want my advice as to whether or not you should do so, I have just one thing to say: Don't!

Anyway, I also recently tried making the coconut bacon mentioned in this recipe for vegetarian broccoli salad with coconut bacon, which I thought was interesting. I'm not sure it will make it in to my favourite recipes, and it didn't taste even remotely bacon-like to me - maybe it's just me? I dunno. Either way, it did taste pretty good though.

In other food related news: A new food place opened near us around the end of July, which we found out about in early September (we only know they'd been there since July because they told us so). It's called "Oscar's" and serves what they say is Southern food. I'm not familiar enough with Southern cooking to know how accurate their description is, but at least one of the people who runs the place has an accent that sounds authentically from the Southern United States, and the menu sounds like what I'd expect from somewhere bosting southern style cooking. Either way, we've tried their cheese fries - which they serve with or without fried onions - and absolutely loved them, and they make a fantastic crumble. Several of the things on their menu aren't vegetarian friendly, but there are some things on there that are, which I like the sound of. We plan to go back and try some of their other food some time in the near future. It will be easy enough to do, since they're only a short walk from our building, and they're a pet friendly place (one of the few around here who even allow dogs to be inside the building; Lilie even got offered water when our drinks were being dealt with). The hard part will be ordering something else when I know how amazing their fries and crumble are, since I have a weakness for fries, and I absolutely adore crumble.


Rita said...

Carrot fries don't sound very appealing to me. New restaurant sound interesting and nice that it is dog friendly. Not being from the south I couldn't tell you if the menu is accurate. ;)

Jeanie said...

I don't know if I'd like a juice with asparagus, apples and lime but I would love to do a sautee of the three. That would be good. Except asparagus is expensive here in the off season!

Love squash!

Victoria Zigler said...

Carrot fries taste pretty good, but they'll never replace real fries in my book. They're just an interesting alternative for a change of pace now and then. Genuine Southern cooking or not, the new food place seems to be a good find.

Yeah, I think just cooking up the ingredients - maybe to have as part of a salad or something - would work. That's why I tried the juice, since it sounds like a nice combination. You're not missing anything by not trying the juice, let me tell you. If you try a sautee with those ingredients though, I'd love to know how it tasted. Asparagus is extremely difficult to get hold of when it's not in season over here, so I'll have to wait until it is again before I can consider trying that myself.

Caz Taylor said...

Thank you very much for the mention Tori and if you get around to trying any of the recipes I do hope you enjoy them. Carrot fries ? If I came across them I would try them ..I try most things but I am not a fry eater really...I am a chilli and rice girl :)

Victoria Zigler said...

You're very welcome about the mention. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm sure I'll enjoy any of your recipes I try, since they sound very tasty.