Sunday, June 16, 2013

Degu update

The degus are settling in well. Though Jenks remains quite nervous, and I have scratches from when he panicked while I was holding him. But he was just frightened at how big the room was, I think. None of them have really tried to hurt us intentionally. Unless you count Jasper checking if we happen to be edible, which we don't as he does that to everything and everyone, LOL!

Jacob is the only one brave enough to be nose to nose with Kero though, although Joshua came close when I was holding him earlier.


Intense Guy said...

It must be really cool to see animals not noted for "getting along" with each other, a dog, cat, and rodents - being family!

Toriz said...

It is! And it just goes to show how things could be for people. I mean, if animals can do it, shouldn't we be able to?