Friday, June 14, 2013

It's OK for them, it's not their life! (Kinda FD and R/WP)

This healthy eating thing isn't going too great. We're not having as many take-aways, but I'm pretty sure most of our meals wouldn't count as "healthy" really.

After the letter I got from the hospital today though, I really don't care right now. OK. That's not strictly true. I do care, because I know I need the weight off. But I also could do with the comfort of some of my favourite foods right now too!

Apparently it's fine if I die, as long as I don't do it on their operating table where they can get the blame for it happening.

OK, so they didn't say that exactly, but they might as well have.

What they actually said is that they refuse to do a hysterectomy because of the risk I might stop breathhing during surgery.

I know of that risk, and still wanted to do it, because if I make it through the surgery things will be better for me afterwards. But apparently what I want doesn't matter.

I'm not too sure right now if I'm more angry or upset, or if it's because they won't do it or because they told me via a letter rather than face to face at an appointment.

It's OK for them, it's not their life!

Sure, the tablets are keeping the bleeding light - I've even had a few days in a row with no bleeding a couple of times. But with two vitamin supplements for iron (one giving me 100% of my RDA, the other giving me 33%) as well as these tablets and what I get from some of my food, there should be no bleeding. Actually, there should be no bleeding just with the tablets, especially since a normal dose is 2 a day and I'm on a 3 a day dosage!

My point is though, even with the bleeding only being light now, the fact it's taking so much to make it so should tell them it's a big enough issue that I should get the go-ahead for the surgery... Even with the risks.

Plus, it's my body!

I've had enough, and they don't care!


Intense Guy said...


I hope you are feeling better now - are you?

Toriz said...

Yeah, I am. I mean, I have the odd bad day - who doesn't? But for the most part I'm a lot better.