Sunday, June 09, 2013

We have degus

We did get the degus.

We planned to get two, but the litter they had in was four males, and the pet shop didn't want to seporate them. At first I wasn't sure we should have taken all four, but after watching them I'm glad we did. Their personalities are such that if they were paired off wrongly they'd be as miserable as if they'd been alone.

We've called them Jacob, Jasper, Jenks and Joshua.

Jacob is a Hebrewname that means supplanter, Jasper is a Persian name that means treasurer, Jenks is a Hebrew name that means God is gracious, and Joshua is a Hebrew name that means God is salvation.

We didn't name them those things for the meanings though.

Jacob and Jasper were chosen when we thought we were only getting two. They're the main werewolf and my favourite vampire respectively from the Twilight books and movies. Jenks is after the pixie in Kim Harrison's Hollows book series. And Joshua was the first "J" name we thought of when trying to decide on a fourth "J" name

Anyway, we got them on Monday (June 3rd 2013) and as of yesterday they're 13 weeks old... If we understood what they said at the pet shop about how old they are right, at least. So that makes their birthdays March 9th.


Intense Guy said...

I wondered where the "J" names came from!

Toriz said...

Well, now you know! :)