Friday, January 24, 2014

Of itchy dogs and confused landlords

Kero's still scratching, though not as much.  We're going to give him another bath in a few days and give him more flea treatment.  Hopefully that will get rid of the last of the fleas, and hopefully he'll then stop scratching so much.  There hasn't been any obvious flea activity on him since the last flea treatment (a couple of days ago) so fingers crossed we'll get to skip the vet trip, eh?


There was an ambulance outside our place just now.  It was for the landlord (he lives above us).  He fell, and though he's physically fine he's confused about what time and day it is and can't remember his own name, so they've taken him in to hospital.  I hope he's OK!


Rita said...

Oh, no! I hope your landlord is okay. :(
And I really do hope that Kero will be free of fleas soon.
Let us know--about both!

Victoria Zigler said...

Will do, Rita!

Intense Guy said...

Goodness. Perhaps he had a stroke. I hope not and that he is ok!

Hope Kero is sleeping easier tonight.


Victoria Zigler said...

I think he's OK; will post when I know for sure though.

Kero's back asleep now, but none of us are really sleeping tonight since we got our sleeping patterns all messed up and ended up sleeping most of the day instead, LOL!