Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When Kero met Tramp

Here are the photos taken when Mam came to visit at the start of May with her little puppy.

The puppy is a Cairne Terrier; a closely related breed to the West Highland White Terrier, which is what my Kero is.

His name is officially Tramp, but he's also known as Buddie. I tend to use Tramp, Mam tends to alternate between Tramp and Buddie, but you can use which you like.


Here's one of Kero on his own:

Here's one of both Kero and Tramp:

And here's a photo of me with both the boys:

Sorry if they're not very clear, but Tramp wasn't very good at staying still.

I hope they publish up the right way, because even though Kelly made sure they were up the right way they turned themselves when we put them on Facebook. If they didn't, sorry.

Here's another photo of Kero. This one was taken a couple of weeks before the others, but with how much Tramp tired him out it could have easily been taken after my Mam and Tramp left, LOL!


Intense Guy said...

You had two very cute little boys there!! Tramp looks so precious - and of course, Kero is "the" super model of the canine world.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep... And they both know they're cuties too!

Rita said...

Blogger can be a pain in the patoot!
Looks like a little cutie, though. Even sideways. ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm not sure it was Blogger's fault this time, since it happened on Facebook too. All I know is that Kelly says the photos are up the riht way on the computer, but when we upload the photos to Blogger and Facebook they get turned on their sides. It's like they insist on reverting back to the original position they were in from when they were taken on my Mam's phone. Anyway, lad you liked them... Despite them being sideways, LOL!

Victoria Zigler said...

A couple of gs are missing there, but I'm sure you can figure out where...