Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Forgotten Angel - Officially released at last!

"Left behind in the attic, Holly the Christmas angel sets off to claim her usual place on top of the Christmas tree. But doing this isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds; just finding the right room will be tricky."

That's the synopsis for my latest book "The Forgotten Angel" which is officially released today.

Yes, that's right! After two years of her tale being put on the back burner in favour of the stories of others, Holly the Christmas angel finally gets to share her story with the world... Just in time for Christmas too!

You can already buy "The Forgotten Angel" from Smashwords in all formats they offer, as well as from many other ebook retailers.


Intense Guy said...

I just got my copy and read it!

It's a wonderful and charming little story!


Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks; glad you enjoyed it!

AliceKay said...

Good luck on the book!

Rita said...

Also wish good luck. Perfect timing! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, AK and Rita! :)