Friday, August 11, 2017

Furkid Friday: Random #Photos And #Videos Of Lilie The #Westie #Puppy (Kinda LBE)

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the Westie.

Yes... Again! I know it's not really my turn to do one of these bloggy post things. I had my turn last week, and the week before too. But the things in the cages don't have as much to say as I do, and I've got some photos and videos to catch up on showing you, so they said I could have another turn to get you all caught up. So, here I am.

First, here are a couple of photos of me in puppy jail...

I swear I was innocent of whatever I was behind bars for that time... And the other times too. I was framed... Honest! The humans wouldn't listen though, and made me stay in puppy jail until they felt I'd done my time. It's so unfair!

Also, as a point, it would be easier for us dogs not to do bad things if you humans didn't have so many rules we're supposed to try to remember. I'm only a puppy after all... Just saying!

I should be on the same side of the bars as the humans... Just like I am in this photo:

Anyway, it's not all rules and doggy jail. For example, here's a video of me barking while playing with the Daddy human:

I love to play with the humans! I play different games with the Mummy human to the games I play with the Daddy human. That's fine by me though, as long as I get to play and get attention.

And - speaking of playing - here I am playing with a cuddly squeaky carrot toy the humans got me:

I have a banana toy that goes with it, but the humans didn't get a photo of me playing with that one. I love them both though.

Speaking of toys I love... Here I am sat on the big bed with my squirrel toy, which I love so much I keep taking it in to the bedroom with me at night. I don't sleep cuddled up with it, but it's close by when I settle for sleep.

The humans brought me my own special squeaky slipper. I think they were hoping doing so would make me leave their shoes and slippers alone. It didn't. I do like it though. Anyway, you can see it beside me in these next two photos:

Also, here are a few photos of me with my Gromit tuggy toy:

And here I am playing with my piggy toy:

In fact, here's a video of me playing with piggy too...

Next, here's a photo taken right after the humans first put my big girl collar on me when I was a little over three months old. It was a little loose on me at the time, but I've grown in to it now. My baby collar - which they'd actually expected me to grow out of a couple of weeks before this - was starting to get a bit tighter than it should be, and the humans thought it better that I had a collar that was a bit loose rather than one that was a bit tight, especially with me still growing. So they put my big girl collar on me, and then they sat me in the chair the Mummy human uses when she's doing whatever it is she does while on this computer thing for hours. I've not been able to figure out exactly what she's up to. Anyway, here's the photo:

And here's a photo taken when we were hanging out near the beach one day. The humans had let me have what they call my "extending lead" on. It's purple like my normal lead, but lets me run around a bit more freely, even if the humans are being lazy and sitting down. I like being on that when we're out for walkies; I hate how the other one stops me going places when I want to check out an interesting smell or something. Anyway, here's the photo:

Here are a couple of photos the humans took of me in my little purple doggy bed:

Oh, and here are a few photos the humans took of me in my toy box. They seemed to think it was cute. I'm not sure why. I mean, I was just in there to get a particular toy I wanted to play with, which was hard to reach. But, anyway, here you go:

Finally, here are a couple of photos of me having some cuddle time with the Daddy human. He was trying to use his computer, but I didn't care. I love my Daddy, and wanted cuddle time with him. So, here are the photos:

I hope you enjoyed all the photos and videos.

Lots of licks,


Rita said...

Yes, was a lot of fun to visit with you and see some of your toys. Puppy jail is probably difficult for you to understand, but humans have their reasons. You'll probably figure it out after while. ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed visiting with me and seeing some of my toys. Humans may have their reasons for things like puppy jail, but I don't like it. Even if I figure out what it's all about, I don't think I'll ever like puppy jail time.

Lots of licks,