Monday, August 21, 2017

Some Scenic #Photos Taken While Out And About

(Both above photos show a shingled beach with a rocky outcrop - looking something like a low rock wall - leading down to the ocean).

We have some nice options for walking with Lilie without going far from home. Many of you will already know that we live so close to the ocean we can literally see it out of the windows on the front of the building. But we also have a park not far from us. There's also another park a little further away - though still in walking distance officially - but we haven't taken her there yet, since we haven't felt the need to do the longer walk to get to it when there's one closer. Neither park is enormous... We are in a town, after all... But they're plenty big enough to give Lilie some decent exercise in a nice setting. Plus, there's plenty of beach to walk on, and you can't beat walks on the beach.

(Both of the above two photos show views of the beach that include some of the rock pools - sometimes called tide pools or rock reefs - which are visible on the beach because the tide has gone out past a certain point).

As you can probably guess, the two photos at the top of this post were taken during one of our trips to walk on the beach. Actually, they were taken during the evening we took Lilie to see the ocean for the first time. The next two photos are photos taken of the rock pools on the beach when we were there for the festival at the start of July. The photo below is of part of the nearest park - the part we usually walk in - and was taken the first time we took Lilie to it.

(The above photo shows a park with flowers in it).


Rita said...

I take it Lilie has gotten used to the beach and the noisy ocean by now? You guys are lucky to have a beach right outside your window and places to wander. That park looks quite large to me. Maybe because there aren't very many trees--looks like quite an expanse. Have a wonderful week! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

She's still not entirely sure what to make of the ocean. I think she's used to the noise now, but the waves are still confusing her. The park is a good size, but it's much smaller than the ones where we lived in Wales, so seems small to me.

Jeanie said...

You do have good walking areas, but I think I love the beach the best. Lilie must be getting used to her leash and enjoying her walks with you!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, she's really good on her leash. Her only problem is being too easily distracted. Let's just say she'd never make a service dog. Haha! Anyway, I like the beach the best too.