Wednesday, August 02, 2017

#Writing Wednesday - August 2nd 2017

For those waiting for it... The paperback edition of "How To Trust Your Human" has been approved, and is now available via CreateSpace and Amazon. It will soon also become available via those other retailers who carry my paperback books, such as Barnes & Noble. Click on the book's title in this paragraph to go to the page for it on CreateSpace.

In other news...

Audiobook production is moving along nicely.

ACX officially recommends that you don't have more than five titles in production at any time. It's not a requirement, but something they suggest due to allowing yourself enough time to give them the attention they deserve. However, since they're assuming you'll be working on full length novels, and my books are generally short ones, I decided not to take their advice.

Actually, that's not entirely true. You see, I did take their advice at first, and simply uploaded my five book "Toby's Tales" series. But - convinced as I was that nobody would want to audition for me - I left the Toby book auditions open to pretty much anyone who could read and speak English, and it turned out that during auditions for the Toby books I discovered people I loved and spacifically wanted for some of my other books, so decided to offer them the contracts for the books in question. This, of course, meant I had to upload the books and set up their project profiles, otherwise I couldn't make the offers officially. Offers which, I'm pleased to report, the narrators I wanted have accepted.

So... Yeah... A lot of those books are now in production. They will become available in audio some time in the next few months. I'm not entirely sure when at this moment in time - we have production schedules, but I'm not sure if we'll need the whole time I've allowed for production or not; I don't think we will need all the time I've allowed for production, because I've tried to be pretty generous with time allowances, but you never know - and I'm not entirely sure what order they'll actually end up ready in now (though the Toby books will probably still be first, since they're furthest along in production). Either way, I'll let you know when it happens, of course, as well as where you'll be able to buy copies if you want them.

If you're interested: Joseph A. Batzel is the narrator for my "Toby's Tales" series, Giles Miller is the narrator for my "Kero's World" books, James Watkins is the narrator for my Degu Days Duo, and Natalee Pfeifer is the narrator for my Magical Chapters Trilogy. I'm hoping to have you get to know a little more about my narrators during the promotional posts when the audiobooks are released.

I also have a couple of other narrators eager to work with me on future projects, which is funny when you consider how convinced I was that nobody would want to audition for me. Despite this though, I won't be setting up any more audiobook projects until at least one of these are finished. As much as I'd love to get the books all available in audio as soon as possible, I think having all 51 of my published books in production at once would be a bit much. Not to mention, you'd probably get sick of announcements of my books being in audio now if I was posting them every other day, and I'd like to let each one have its moment in the spotlight, so I want to space out the promotional stuff for them a little. Still, it's nice knowing my books are so interesting to potential narrators.

Anyway, while those books are in production, I'm working on the notes for the details of requirements for the other books, as well as making arrangements for the audiobook versions of the book covers to be sorted. That way I'll have them ready to set up when some of the stuff currently in production is finished. That's something I can work on in between listening to - and giving feedback on - audio samples, writing poems, writing promotional posts to go up when the audiobooks are ready, working on that pirate themed story I keep getting distracted from writing, and enjoying some of those things causing distractions (like reading, furkid playtime, etc). I might sleep from time to time too... You never know. *wink*

If you're an author who wants to get your books available in audio too, you're in luck! Fellow author, Alex Butcher - the author friend who helped me get started - has put up some posts on her blog to offer tips to help you. Here's the link for where you can check out a noob's guide to audio books with ACX - part 1, and here's where you can find a noob's guide to audio books with ACX - part 2.

So... You've ended up taking a break from your own writing for a while? That's OK. Regardless of the reason for the writing break - and regardless of how long the break was - here's some advice on how to start writing your book again. Also, here's everything that will tempt you to quit writing - and how to deal with it.

Last - but certainly not least - take a look at these tips to promote your book, and bear in mind that it takes a village to launch a book.


Jeanie said...

Good tips on getting going again and I'm passing the word on the audio books to my friend Richard!

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you enjoyed the tip, and that's great about you passing on the word about the audiobooks to your friend.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I'm glad you were able to get the narrators you wanted. I think you're smart not to have all 51 books going at once. That would be overwhelming.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Yes, it would.