Sunday, August 05, 2012

Award from Sunfire

Sunfire gave me this award (you can see the post here).

Thank you Sunfire!

I'm supposed to thank the person who gave it to me - which I have. Post the logo for it - which I have. Post 7 things about myself - which I'm about to do. Then pass it on to 7 others.

So, let's see... 7 things about me...

Some of you will know at least a few of these.

1. I have Congenital Glaucoma, which means I was born with the eye condition Glaucoma. So I've had poor eyesight my entire life, and finally lost my sight almost 5 years ago.

2. I've been married for a little over 9 years, having married my hubby when I went to live in Canada for what ended up just being a few months back in 2003.

3. I used to consider myself a Wiccan, but have recently re-labelled myself as a "Nature Witch" - which is essentially an Eclectic Pagan, but I like the term better. Labelling doesn't really matter, but with my self-chosen label I feel more free to take bits and pieces I believe and work with them as I feel is right.

4. I miss having cats. I'd love a cat again; any cat! Though my favourite breed is Siamese, and the type of cat I'd love most is a lion. I have a better chance with the Siamese though, I think.

5. I've now published 3 books, with several more close to being ready for publication. Visit my author page at for more details, and to keep an eye out for new books as I publish them.

6. When I was 7 I sprained my ankle. The doctor told me I'd have been better off breaking it. I asked if I should try, and he jokingly said to go ahead. Not realizing it was a joke (hey, I was 7) I tried, eventually succeeding in doing the same thing again at the age of 12, only this time badly enough that I had to be in a cast instead of just having it strapped up for a few weeks. It's never fully healed, and is weak enough that sometimes I can sprain my ankle just by not being careful enough putting it down when I stand up. And that, ladies and gents, is why you should be careful what you say to children!

7. I could easily live without technology as long as I have a way to read and a way to write. Give me an unlimited supply of braille books, an unlimited supply of braille paper, and a brailler (a sort of old fashioned typewriter that writes braille, for those who don't know) and I'll be happy!

As for passing it on... I'm going to cheat, since most of my friends have a "no awards" policy. If you haven't had it and think you deserve it, then it's yours!


Connie Mitan said...

So glad you decided to play along! Always fun to learn new things about people online ;)

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

What a lovely award! It was so nice learning some things about you. Cute story about your ankle, did you take everything so literally? That is the making of a good writer you know.

Deanna said...

I cannot imagine trying to break my ankle... even as a kid! Silly girl. Even after I think I know most things about you, you are able to come up with more. Good stuff here. I will have to say that I don't think living without technology these days would be easy. It's been part of my life for way too long to give it up!

Toriz said...

No problem; thanks again for the award! :)

Glad you enjoyed learning about me. Yes, I did take everything literally; still do most of the time, though thankfully these days common sense also plays a part so I know when not to take what seems to me like a suggestion and when it's OK to go with an idea, LOL!

Yeah, I know that was silly, all I can say in my defence is... I was 7!

Don't get me wrong, I'd miss it if I didn't have the technology. But I could be happy with just ways to read and write. I don't want to lose my technology though, I just don't tend to be bothered if the power is out or whatever.

AliceKay said...

Ouch. LOL (i will remember not to tell you to go break a leg)

You know I don't play along with awards and such, but it's interesting reading the ones who do.

Intense Guy said...

Congrats on the well deserved award!


Toriz said...

Glad you found the stuff interesting. Yeah, I know you don't do awards. And, yeah, you probably shouldn't tell me to go break a leg or something... I might just try! LOL!

Thanks! :)

Susan said...

Nice to learn a few things I didn't already know! Sorry about your ankle, that is the one joint, once you damage it, it can keep getting damaged...sprains and strains especially. I hope it doesn't get any worse!
Since I am your friend, and I am not an "award free" blog...I am going to take it :) Not just for me, but to be able to pass on to others that are deserving.

I would love some old braille pages if you have some, they are very cool to use in mixed media and collage art!
Love n light,