Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - May 27th 2015

I did a better job of getting my writing time in during this past week, despite computer issues, and being busy arranging for my books to become available in print.

I'm able to do the interior files myself (now that I've figured out how to do so) and Iggy is very kindly helping me with the cover files, since doing so is impossible for me with lack of sight.

Thanks so much for helping, Iggy... I really appreciate it!

So... I'm now waiting for a stack of proof copies of my books to arrive. They will be available to buy after they're approved to be sent out in to the big wide world, which will happen once they get here, and I can get Kelly to take a look for me to make sure there aren't any issues that need fixing (there shouldn't be, but you never know). How long this will take is anyone's guess at the moment, since it depends how long the proofs take to arrive, and whether they need anything done (which would mean fixing the issue, and then ordering a new proof copy).

I'll give you details of where you can buy them once the first books become available.

For now though... Time for those writing links...

So... How many tools are in your writing toolbox?

Do you feel your story is too short? Well, here are 5 ways to stretch your word count, which should help you make it a bit longer.

Trying to decide if you should start doing author interviews? Here are 10 reasons why you should interview your fellow fiction authors. I've never interviewed another author, though I do often do author or book spotlights; especially if it's an author I like. However, I have been interviewed by several authors myself, and am generally happy to accept interview invitations from people if they ask me directly. Oh, speaking of author spotlights though... Come back on Saturday for one I'm putting up for another author.

Staying on the theme of learning about an author for the moment... This article gives some tips on writing and placing your author biographies - useful if you're not sure what to put in that "about the author" box, on the profile page of your website, etc.

Also, here's some advice on how to promote your books, but keep your friends.

Finally, always remember: keep cracking yourself open, because - while doing so may not guarantee you'll be a best seller - it will increase the chances that those who read your book will love it, and that they'll not only come back for more, but also talk to their friends about your book.


Intense Guy said...

Those 5 tips for "longer stories" sound really good - I'd love to see them follow up with more details and examples for each one!

...and you are welcome. The covers are frustrating, but we are getting there!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep... We're getting there with the covers.

I'd have liked a bit more on the tips for longer stories thing too... Maybe they'll do a follow-up post some time? If they do - and I spot it - I'll share it.

Jeanie said...

I always appreciate that you share such good writing links. I don't have time to read them all but I know right where they are to go back to!

AliceKay said...

Iggy is one in a million. :) He's been helping me muddle thru a couple of things, too.

I hope the proofs are acceptable and your books are in stores soon.

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad you like the links. And, yep, they'll be right here when you have time to look at them later. Actually, knowing where they are to find them easily again is part of why I share them. I mean, I always read them before sharing, but many of them I know I'll want to look at again, and I may want the others too, so if I put them on my blog, I just have to look through these posts to find them; much easier than searching through several blogs and sites, trying to remember where they were!

Thanks! They should be fine, but it's best to check before I let them be in stores, rather than finding out later that they weren't, I think.

Yes, Iggy is amazing... I hope he knows how much we appreciate the help he's always so willing to give to those who need it.