Friday, July 28, 2017

#Furkid Friday: Lilie's First Baths And #Vet Trips

Hi everyone! This is Lilie the Westie.

The day after the humans picked me up from my Furmama's house, they put this harness thing on me...

And took me to a place called "the vet" that's just a short car ride from my new home. I didn't mind that car ride so much, because it wasn't a long one, and I was allowed to be in the Mummy human's arms looking out of the window. I'm not sure what the harness thing was on me for though. I mean, that thing is for walkies time, apparently, but I wasn't allowed to go down on the ground to walk and sniff, so I don't know why they put it on me.

Anyway, they adored me at the vet, and everyone said how cute I was and gave me cuddles and attention. I loved that! I also got a treat from one of the people there, which I loved too, of course.

The one who gave me the treat weighed me, and I weighed 1.8 kilos (that's about 4.5 lbs). I was also pulled about and examined, which I didn't mind too much. I didn't even mind all that much when they stuck something sharp in my neck... I was too busy eating the treat. I wasn't entirely happy about them squirting something funny smelling on my neck afterwards though, even though they said it was to stop me getting fleas, and I certainly did not approve of the humans squirting nasty tasting stuff in to my mouth for the next couple of days. I'm told that stuff was important too - something about worms - but that didn't stop me fighting them to try and avoid taking it (apparently I can have things that taste better when I'm bigger, but I'm too little to have that stuff right now... I think they should have just waited until I was bigger, rather than punishing me for being little).

Anyway, the next week the humans gave me my first bath. They took this video to show you:

They said it was because I needed a bath. Something about how I shouldn't lay down on the puppy pads after I use them. I'm not sure on details though, since I wasn't really paying attention.

Anyway, I like water. Playing in it is fun! But I don't like being made to stay in there for a long time while the humans get me wet from nose to tail. Even worse than that was the stuff they called "shampoo" that they put on me right after they stopped doing the video. I REALLY hated that part! I was glad when bath time was over, and the humans put my collar back on and helped me dry off. Look at me, all wet and cuddled in a towel:

I have to admit though, I did smell good after, and my fur was super soft, especially after the Mummy human brushed me. Brushing is fun... I like to try and grab the brush while the humans are using it on me. We all have a great time with that game!

Anyhow, I had to go back to that vet place again a couple of weeks after my first appointment. Something about how I needed to finish my puppy treatment before I could go walkies. So we got in one of those car things again, and I got to watch the world going by out of the window as we went back to the vet place.

I got a couple of treats this time, because I had to have two sharp things stuck in my neck. I wasn't so impressed about it this time. I got upset as soon as I saw the sharp thing coming, and yelped when they stuck it in me. I yelped even harder with the second one, because it was a bigger one and made me bleed. The humans say the first one was the rest of my puppy treatment so I'm safe to be going out for walkies (I'd had the first half of that while enjoying my treat the last time I went) and the second was to put some kind of chip in me so I could be found if I got lost. Personally, I think the best way to put something in me is by letting me eat it, but apparently the humans disagreed.

They also used something - I'm not sure what, because they wouldn't let me have it to check it out - to cut my nails, because they were quite long and I kept getting them caught on things. I tried to stay still for that... I really did... But I'm not very good at staying still, so the Mummy human had to hold me for the vet to do my nail trimming.

Also, while I was there, they weighed me again, and I was 2.23 kilos (a tiny bit over 5.5 lbs). Apparently that's a good thing, but it still made me too little for the tasty stuff they said I could have when I was bigger. Since they seemed to be talking about that in connection with worms again for some reason, I was worried that would mean I'd have to have the nasty stuff squirted in my mouth again, but apparently not. Since I was over 2 kilos, I was able to have something that tasted a little better, which the humans mixed in my food. I was fine with that. It did make my food taste a bit funny, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat it at first, but I soon decided it wasn't a bad taste, so ate it all up. They had to do it for a few days again, and then again a couple of weeks later. Apparently now I'm over three months old I don't have to have that kind of stuff as often, though I have to make it to 5 kilos before I can have the really tasty one, because even then they would have to break the lowest dose in half for me. I don't think it's fair that I have to go without just because I'm so little. I mean, I can't help being little, can I? Still, at least the new stuff doesn't taste too bad.

I didn't feel too good after that second vet trip. I cuddled up with the Mummy human all that day, and didn't want to do much of anything; I wasn't even really interested in food or drink. I felt better by the folowing morning, though wasn't too impressed when I got put in the bath again the day after that. I mean, it wasn't my fault there was blood in my fur from the sharp thing going in my neck... If they didn't want my white fur stained red, they shouldn't have stuck the things in my neck, should they? OK, so I didn't want my white fur all bloody either, but that's not the point. Besides, I wouldn't mind the bath so much if they'd skip the shampoo part, and if they didn't make it take so long.

Anyway, we went back to the vet place again in June, but we only went there for the humans to pick something up. I was mostly just along for the outing, which was fine by me. At least, it was until I realized they were picking up more of that wet stuff to put on my neck, and pmore of the nasty tasting stuff.

You'd think that would be enough vet trips to be going on with. But, no!

I had to go yet again last week. Apparently we needed more of that wet stuff for my neck. We didn't get the nasty tasting stuff where they say about worms, but I did hear the humans talking about those worms again, and I got a special treat next morning. Not that I'm complaining. Anyway, I had to be weighed before I could have the stuff they picked up from the vet. I'm getting much bigger now... I now weigh 3.8 kilos (9.5 lbs). Also, the humans said my claws had to be trimmed again, because they grow so fast, and then they get caught on things. I didn't want them done again though, so tried to get away. It didn't work too well. The humans ganged up on me and held me still. Nasty, eh? I mean, I'm growing well, but I'm still a little dog, and there were three of them against just one of me. Three against one is totally unfair, especially when they're so much bigger than me!

I like the vet thing for the outing, the car ride, and all the people who say how cute I am. But I could do without the nail trimming, sharp things being stuck in me, wet stuff being put on my neck, and nasty tasting stuff I'm forced to swallow afterwards.

Lots of licks,


Jeanie said...

Very cute -- both the post and sweet Lilie who is just adorable and I'll bet soft and sweet as all get out!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, the humans kept commenting onhow soft I was after my bath. I suppose even the shampoo part was almost worth it for the extra cuddles... Almost!

Lots of licks,

Rita said...

All those things help keep you safe and healthy. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

That may be. But I still wish we didn't have to keep going to the vet, and the humans wouldn't insist on using shampoo when I have a bath.

Lots of licks,

Deanna said...

What a cutie pie! Looks like you are really enjoying her.

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, she's a cutie. Busy though, and still in that puppy phase where they get in to everything.