Sunday, July 09, 2017

#Smashwords #SummerWinterSale2017 - #eBooks For #FREE And On #SALE!

It's time for the Smashwords 2017 Summer/Winter Sale!

All of my books - including my new release - are enrolled at 50% off. This means they'll range in price from absolutely free to $2.50. Either way, you have the potential chance to snap up a great bargain during this event.

To grab your copies of any of my books, simply go to my Smashwords page, pick your book, add it to your cart, and enter coupon code SSW50 in the box at checkout.

Yes, it is the same code for all of my books. This is a sitewide promotion, so the code is used to get any books that are 50% off during this event, which means all of mine, and many by other authors too.

Yes, you can use the code multiple times. As I said, it's a sitewide promotion, so it's the same code for all books that are 50% off during the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale.

Yes, that purchase does give you access to all formats Smashwords offers, which means there will be a format that works for you, regardless of your tablet or eReader of choice. In fact, if you can read this post, you can read my books.

Yes, this is exclusively on Smashwords. But creating an account with them is free and easy, so you could always sign up if you don't have an account but want to take advantage of the discounted eBooks.

Plenty of other authors have their books enrolled too, so don't forget to browse the list of books on sale. Remember to double check the available formats from other authors though, since - unlike me - some authors don't take advantage of all the options for available formats.

The sale ends on July 31st 2017, so you have until then to get your hands on some free and discounted eBooks.

Tell your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, random people you meet on the street... Anyone really!

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