Monday, July 24, 2017

Random Question: The #Wombles Meet #HarryPotter

Though sleep is never guaranteed for me (see yesterday's post) I fall asleep best with something to listen to while I drift off. But I don't like to use books that are on my Kindle for this purpose. Yes, I can either have text to speach enabled so it reads an eBook to me - which is how I have to read them anyhow - or listen to an audible audiobook, so I could use my Kindle for this purpose... And have done in the past. My preference, however, is to listen to an audio CD. This means I often find myself listening to ones I've already listened to, since I don't always have something new on CD to listen to. A few months ago I did though, and was listening to those new ones, one of which was a CD of Womble stories. Right now, however, I'm working my way through Harry Potter again.

This post will make most sense to those who are familiar with both the wombles and Harry Potter and his world, or at least one of those things. You should get the gist even without that knowledge, however.

So... A few weeks ago - well, it's a bit more than that now, but exactly when it was isn't important - when I was relistening to the start of the fourth Harry Potter book, and got to the part where portkeys are first mentioned to Harry, something occurred to me:

Portkeys are designed to automatically transport a witch or wizard somewhere if they can't - or would prefer not to - Apparate to their destination. In most cases with a prearranged time to activate and transport the witch or wizard to the destination in question. When left in previously arranged places for this purpose, they are intentionally objects that muggles would consider rubbish - like old boots, rusty cans, etc - so wouldn't pick up. A womble, on the other hand, would pick one up, since they pick up anything left lying around, whether it appears to be rubbish or not. That's the main point of a womble.

With that in mind...

What would happen if a womble picked up a portkey by mistake, and found itself transported to the destination in the place of the witch or wizard? What would the womble think? Also, how do you think the magical community would react to finding themselves dealing with what would most likely be a rather confused womble? Would they subject it to a memory modification charm like they would for a muggle? Or would the womble be allowed to remember its adventure?


Rita said...

Don't know what a womble is but if they picked things up and lived alongside the wizards in Harry Potter they would have already had to come up with a different method of transport or had already dealt with many wombles. I would think they'd do the mind erase thing. ;) Or what if they kept them and collected them for some purpose? Hummm...can wombles do anything interesting?

Victoria Zigler said...

You could be right... Hmmm...

It depends on how you define "interesting" to whether Wombles do anything that could be considered interesting. I'll have to sort out a Womble themed post so you can learn more about them and judge for yourself.