Friday, July 21, 2017

#Furkid Friday: Of #Chinchilla Hay Balls And Bells (FD)

Hi everyone! This is Maizie the chinchilla.

We chinchillas need lots of hay to eat. But my chinchilla sister, Mollie, and I don't really like to sleep in it, since we get too warm. Because of that, we have a habit of throwing it out of our bed, and then it ends up in places where we can't eat it (up to, and including, the floor around our cage). So the human caretakers got us this special ball to have hay from:

It's a toy and a hay rack in one, and hangs from our cage bars. Actually, it can be used for any nibbles the human caretakers don't want to just put in our food bowl - like fresh veggies, for example - but our human caretakers brought it especially to use for hay, and only use it for that so far.

They had to move my bell to put it where it is, because there was another place where the bell could go, but the size of that made it difficult to find another good place for it in our cage. I don't mind too much though. I mean, I'd complain if they took the bell away, but they haven't done that, and have given us this fun way to get hay. I say "my" bell, because Mollie doesn't play with the bell. I love it though, and use it both to play with and to get the attention of the human caretakers. They can tell which I'm doing by how I ring it: soft rings for play time, harder ones for attention.

Anyway, the human caretakers have tried getting a photo of us checking out the hay ball, but - as Mollie once said - we're not dogs, and we don't pose on command. We could if we wanted to, but we don't see why we should, and don't fall for the tricks they use on the Lilie dog. In other words, we're too smart for them, always know when they're coming with the flashy thing, and avoid being near it when they have the flashy thing ready. I have to give them credit though: they don't give up... They're still trying to get the photo they want. Well, let them try. Who knows, maybe one day we'll take pitty on them and let them get the photo after all? You never know...

Squeak soon,


Rita said...

Looks like the perfect spot for nibbling hay. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

It sure is!

Squeak soon,