Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#Writing Wednesday - July 19th 2017

The paperback proof for "How To Trust Your Human" is on its way to me - in fact, the proof should arrive with me pretty soon - and all my other books are available as both eBooks and paperbacks already. So, now that I'm all caught up with getting the books available in both of those formats, I've decided to look in to getting my books available in audio too. Because, you know, I just like torturing myself by giving myself loads of work to do catching up with making my backlist of books available in a new format, since apparently juggling all the other writing related tasks in between the other things I do each day isn't enough for me.

Seriously though, audiobooks are pretty popular in general, as well as being a format that's popular with the visually impaired, so I've wanted to do this for a while. It would be cool if one day I could do braille too, but I'll worry about that later. For nowI'm looking in to getting my books available in audio via ACX, which makes the audiobooks available via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Anyway, it might take a while - and not just because I have more than 50 titles out now - since I'm still figuring out how I'm meant to do it, and then I actually have to do the things required to go from wanting to have the books in audio to actually having them in audio. You can see what those things are via this checklist on the ACX site. So, as you can see, I'm starting to seriously look in to what's required. I'm even looking for extra tips by reading posts like this one on what you should know about audiobooks, and this interview from a narrator that gives some advice on how to get your books recorded as audiobooks, as well as getting tips from an author friend who also self-publishes and has her books available in audio.

Actually, to be honest, I set up the project pages for the first few books on the weekend. I've even had someone - in fact, a couple of people - interested in doing auditions for me already. As of yesterday (Tuesday) I have eight people who have auditioned, and am deciding which of the ones I like best I'm going to offer the job of narrator to. So, all being well, the first few books will be available in audio very soon. I'm starting with my "Toby's Tales" series, since that's the series I'm most eager to have easily accessable to the visually impaired, because the series deals with adapting after sight loss, as well as finding ways to make things accessable to blind people, so it seemed appropriate to do those books first.

I'm planning on starting work on the others soon, and am hoping to have several of them - at least - available before the end of this year. Basically, the plan is to do them a few at a time until I get caught up with my backlist, and then get new books produced as soon as possible after the release of the eBook versions. Regardless of how long it ends up taking, I'll let you know when each of my books start becoming available in audio, and provide details of where you'll be able to get copies if you want them.

In the meantime, I'm slowly attempting to make progress with writing that pirate story, which I'm also hoping to have available in at least eBook and paperback before the end of the year. Progress on it is slower than I'd like, but it's mostly my own fault. Some days I really don't have time to work on it, or am so exhausted all attempts to do so result in me sitting there doing nothing with the document open in front of me. But there have been times when I could have worked on it, and just didn't. Sometimes, I admit, this is because I decide to have some puppy play time instead of working. The story will get written though... Honest! If you're wondering, I'm not mentioning it by title, because I don't really have one I'm happy with yet.

I have been writing the odd poem from time to time too. Not many, but I've written a couple over the past few months, and will write more soon, I'm sure. You never know, I may also be ready to get that new pet themed poetry collection I mentioned earlier this year ready to be released before the end of this year too... I only need a couple more poems to make it long enough to be worthwhile publishing. But then, I might not do it until next year. We shall see. My priority for now is working on the pirate story and at least making a start on audiobook production arrangements.

Anyhow, as I said last week, if you missed seeing my post about the Smashwords 2017 Summer/Winter Sale, you may want to check that out, and take advantage of the chance to get some great book bargains.

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