Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zeena Dragon Fae #eBook #SALE!

It's taken me what feels like a very long time to get here, but all four of my "Zeena Dragon Fae" books are written, and released. So...

To celebrate the release of the fourth, and final, book in my "Zeena Dragon Fae" series yesterday (May 28th 2016) - which you hopefully saw the announcement for - I've put the eBook versions of the other three books in the series on sale.

Here are the details... Click on the book's title to go to the page where you can buy the book in question.

Book 1: Zeena And The Dryad
Regular price: $4.99
Promotional price: $2.74
Coupon Code: BJ77W

Book 2: Zeena And The Gryphon
Regular price: $4.99
Promotional price: $3.49
Coupon Code: YL57D

Book 3: Zeena And The Mermaid
Regular price: $4.99
Promotional price: $4.24
Coupon Code: XG57N

All coupons are valid until June 12th 2016.

The coupons are only valid for use on Smashwords, but since Smashwords offers multiple formats, finding one that works for you won't be a problem. In fact, if you can read this post, you can read the books, since the formats not only cover options spacifically for use on certain popular eReaders and tablets, but also formats that work on your computer.

The new one, Zeena And The Phoenix, is still at its regular price of $4.99.

However, that's still a total cost of $15.46 instead of $19.96 for all four, saving you a total of $4.50 if you buy all four books at once. In other words, this is a perfect oppertunity for those of you who usually prefer to buy boxsets so as to save on the overall cost of buying the books. Remember though, this offer is only available until June 12th 2016.

Please share this post with anyone you know who might be interested in taking advantage of this offer.

And, a huge thank you from me to you, for anyone who buys copies of these books, or any of my others.


Intense Guy said...

I have all four books!

Victoria Zigler said...

Great! I hope you've been enjoying them, and that you enjoy the new one.