Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - February 9th 2015

They - whoever "they" are - say there's no such thing as a stupid question. But I disagree.

There is a stupid question, and that question is "can I ask you a question?"

"Why is it a stupid question?" I hear you ask.

Well, it's quite simple.

First of all, and most importantly, by asking that question you've answered it yourself; if you can ask whether or not you can ask me a question, then you've just proven - both to yourself, and to me - that you are, in fact, capable of asking a question. A process that could have been avoided by you simply asking the question you really want to ask in the first place.

Secondly, that question isn't an accurate vocalization of what you want to know. What you want to know is whether I'll answer a question if you ask me one. So, why not just ask "if I ask you a question, will you answer it?" I think that would make much more sense, as well as actually giving you an accurate answer to what you really want to know. Alternatively, just ask your question, and see if I answer it or not.

And that, my friends, is why I say that the stupidest question anyone can ask is "can I ask you a question?"

What do you think? Do you agree? Or do you think there's a question that's even more stupid?


So, apparently I'm not getting the replies to my comments from those of you who reply to comments on your blogs via e-mail.

I suspected as much, but it was confirmed for me this morning.

I know how to fix it with a standard Blogger account, but I've got a Gmail/Google account, which is set out differently.

Any idea how I fix it so I get the replies I'm supposed to be getting?


I spotted an article on Facebook the other day about how Iceland are to build the first temple to the Norse Gods in 1000 years, which I happen to think is really cool!

I would really love to visit it when it's finnished, though I doubt that will ever happen. I mean, I live only a few hours away from Stonehenge, and I still haven't visited that yet... Would love to, just haven't had the oppertunity.

Still, I can dream, can't I?


As you probably know, last Monday was Groundhog Day. It was also Imbolc, though you might not have known that, since I forgot to mention it in my post for last Monday, and not everyone has Facebook.

Anyway, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, and predicted six more weeks of Winter last week.

Good news for my chances of snow, but not such good news for those who appear to be getting my share of the snow as well as their own.

Actually, it did "try" to snow on Thursday. It was one of those short five minute snowfalls where you just have time to register that it's snowing, and then it stops, and if you weren't outside at just the right time, you'd never know it had happened. Luckily for me, I happened to be sticking my head out of the door to check for the "scattered snow showers" the radio said we were getting at the time, so I didn't miss it. I didn't miss the later attempt either, though that didn't last much longer, and was more like sleet than snow.

Though I really want snow, I have to admit that I do have a reason to be glad we haven't really had any to speak of.

You see, we're moving some time in the next couple of weeks.

Yes, really!

You may remember me mentioning back in November - if you were reading my blog at that time - about my landlord's death on Halloween? It doesn't really matter if you do or not, but... Well... Originally the property was to be kept by his nephews while they did some repair work on it, then sold later; once all the work on it was done, which would have taken a while, since there's quite a bit that needs doing up in the house part of the building, and a few things that need doing down in the basement apartment we live in too. They were happy for us to stay put while they did the work, so we didn't worry about it. Except they were forced in to a sale, so we were told we have to move out after all.

We'd have preferred not to have to deal with a move - especially this time of year - but what can you do? Sometimes these things can't be avoided.

So, yeah, we're moving very soon, and - despite my love of snow - we could probably do without it right about now, if I'm honest.

I'll give you the actual moving date closer, and warn you now that I could have a couple of days where I can't get online at all during the move. I'll schedule my blog posts ahead of time though, so at least you'll have those. Like I said, I'll give you the actual date of the move a bit closer, and tell you about the new place when we're in it.

But right now I have to go, because I have a lot to organize, and someone being sent by the estate agent to look at everything to see what needs repairing or replacing. I can hear him upstairs, and he'll be coming down here when he's done up there... Which could be any moment.


Intense Guy said...

Actually, I can think of all sorts of "dumb" questions - mostly along the lines of "well, if you had been paying any attention whatsoever, you'd already know the answer!"

That said, English is really, a messy, horrible language to someone with technical leanings. I wish I could revamp English! I'd probably throw away some redundant letters in the alphabet while I'm at it.

I hope you email me your new address when you know it - I got a package sitting here...

Victoria Zigler said...

Fair enough on the question thing.

And, don't worry, I'll give you the address when I can. :)

Rita said...

That question doesn't bother me at all. They're just trying to be a bit polite, I think. Asking if you'd answer a question when you don't know what the question is yet bothers me more, to be honest. How can I answer if I don't know the question? So asking if they can even ask a question in the first place makes more sense to me. Just my two cents worth--LOL!

Good luck with the move and good weather. I hope it is an easy move for you all!! :) :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Fair enough on the question... Though there is the option of answering that it depends what the question is when you're asked if you'll answer a question.

Thanks about the move! :)

AliceKay said...

Hoping all goes well with your move. No snow storms allowed during the move either. ;)

For some reason, I can barely see the letters I am typing in this comment box. Have no idea why. It worked okay on Rita's blog. LOL

(my computer is possessed)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! No... Snow storms have to wait a while. I'm hoping we'll get one just after the move is over; once we're safely moved in to our new place and can enjoy it!

Sorry your computer is being weird. *sad face*