Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - October 28th 2015

Are you a writer? Not sure? Well, here are 11 signs you're a writer. I admit I don't carry a notebook and pen around anymore, or collect notebooks. But it's only because they're no good to me now I can't see... I've been searching for a good replacement since I lost my sight. I have, however, been making use of the notes feature on my iPhone since I got it... Despite my typing on that being much slower than on a keyboard. I mean, sometimes the computer is too far away, or you don't want to start it up just to jot down a short note... I'm sure any writers reading this will understand...

Anyway, if you are awriter, especially if the stories you write are aimed at children, you may be interested in this guest post on making sure your ending works.


Do you plan to make an author appearance in the hopes of selling some books? Or, perhaps, you plan to set up a stall at a convention of some kind, craft show, or other event? If any of those apply to you, check out these tips for setting out your stall.

Speaking of getting noticed...

If you're an author who uses Twitter, here are the best hashtags for indie authors, which will hopefully help you to get your Tweets noticed better.


I know I've asked before, but... Will you be participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

If you are, it's time to make sure you're prepared, since there are only a few more days to go until the start of November. So, figure out your checklist of everything you'll need, and make sure it's all ready to go.

This applies whether you're officially signing up to participate, joining in but not officially signing up, or just making up your own writing challenge - or challenges - for the month.


Intense Guy said...

I'm glad there are electronic notebooks and pens - for you and hey! for me too - I text myself from my phone to my email things I need to remember!

Victoria Zigler said...

Haha! I did that the other day too... Very useful!