Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday's writing wordage - December 9th 2015

To be honest, my writing's been pretty slow lately. I mean, I've been writing, but my writing projects aren't progressing as quickly as is normal for me right now. They are progressing though... Slowly.

Mostly this is due to a combination of the upcoming holidays, and things going on in life in general to make it more difficult to get my writing time in. But it's also because I felt I needed some time to step back and focus on other interests a little. Sometimes you need to, you know?

So, I've been a bit more relaxed than I should be on my deadlines and goal setting recently. But, there's progress, and that's what really counts, right?


Would you like some publicity for you and your books? If so, check out these places for author interviews!

They could be an excellent oppertunity for you - or one of your characters - to be interviewed, or for you and your books to be featured on someone's blog in some other way.

Having those posts to mention when they go up is also a good way for giving yourself a reason to put something on your prefered social media sites, without you having to resort toauthor spam.

I sometimes do author spotlights too, but I don't generally publically advertise my willingness to do so, since I prefer to have read at least one book by an author before I do a spotlight post for them, and usually only spotlight authors of books I've enjoyed. Some may not like that I do it this way, but I do it because, while I want to promote other authors' work, I want to know that I'm promoting something that deserves it; I'd hate to think I was sat here singing the praises of a book, only to find it was one of those books with so many editing issues it looked worse than my first drafts, or something like that.

I also sometimes post things for authors I've read if they're doing something for a book release and want people to post about it. But, again, I prefer to have read at least one book by the author in question before posting anything for them.

Speaking of featuring authors and their books... Madeline Reynolds is doing a feature on her blog right now where she's giving a mention to various holiday themed books on her blog this month. And, guess what? My book "The Forgotten Angel" got included in the list... It was holiday book recommendation #4. Check out her blog for more great holiday book recommendations.


Intense Guy said...

Forgotten Angel is a cute story!

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm very proud of that one, personally, so I'm glad you think so.

Jeanie said...

Congratulations on your holiday mention! That's terrific! And thanks for the links and such. Enjoy taking a little time off and don't even begin to feel guilty about it. Sometimes stepping back is far more productive than writing just because you feel you must!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! My thoughts exactly.