Friday, February 12, 2016

Furkid Friday: another Bilbo update

Hi humans, rodent types, and anyone else reading this.

This is Joshua the degu.

As you should already know, unless you're new here, my gerbil brother, Bilbo, was really sick last month, and my degu brothers and I - along with our other gerbil brother, Baggins, of course - were very worried about him. Jacob was especially worried about Bilbo, since they're really good pals. Besides, Jacob worries about everyone; he's just that kind of degu.

Well, guess what? Bilbo is doing OK.

When he first got sick, the human caretakers didn't expect him to make it to the end of January. But Bilbo is a tough little gerbil, and he made it through.

He's no longer as active as he was before he got sick, and it takes a lot more effort for him to do anything. But other than that, he seems to be fine now. Plus, he's happy enough, and sometimes even finds a little energy to play with Baggins for a few minutes, or go have a little chat with Jacob.

The human caretakers are pleased, and so are we.

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

I'm really glad to hear 'ol Bilbo is doing better!

I hope all the Degu are doing well too! I hear the weather has been nasty over there - it is nasty here too! Very cold and they predict colder ... -1 F Sunday...

Victoria Zigler said...

We're all doing OK over here. Yes, our weather has been really nasty most of the time, and it's very cold, but the human caretakers do something to make it warm inside even when it's very cold outside, so the cold isn't really bothering us. We all wish the nasty sounding storms would go away though. At least, we rodent types do... The Mummy human actually seems to like storms, for some strange reason.

Squeak soon,

Rita said...

Glad to hear that. I hope he stays well and happy. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... So do we!

Squeak soon,