Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - February 17th 2016

In case you missed my post on Saturday announcing it... Not to mention my previous posts about it coming up, and all my social media posts about it...

The eBook version of "Zeena And The Mermaid" (Zeena Dragon Fae, #3) is now officially available!

Click on the book's title above to go to the Smashwords page for it, where you can buy it in multiple eBook formats, such as mobi (for Kindle) ePub (for Nook and some other eReaders) and html (for reading using an internet browser). Other formats are also available.

Or, you can look for it on the websites of eBook retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Kobo, among others.

Both "Zeena And The Dryad" and "Zeena And The Gryphon" (books one and two in the series respectively) are also available from the above mentioned eBook retailers, if you don't have copies of them and would like to read those first.

The first two books in the series are also available as paperbacks via CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, but the third is not available in paperback just yet. It will become available as a paperback in the near future though. In fact, the paperback version has already gone through part of the reviewing process, and is just waiting for me to arrange for the proof to come to me, and to have Kelly take a look at it before I will "hopefully" be able to approve it for sale.

Book four will be a while. I am working on writing it, but it's still the first draft I'm working on, so there's still a lot of work to do on it before it will be ready to be let loose in to the world.

Reviews are always welcomed and appreciated. Remember: reviews not only help other customers decide whether something is right for them, but they also help authors. So, if you'd like to leave reviews for any of my books - old or new - I'd be very grateful. You can do so on any of the retailers they're available from (though some of the retailers will only allow it if you've brought the book from the retailer in question) as well as on Goodreads. If you do leave reviews - or have done so in the past - then huge thanks go out to you from me.

Posts helping to spread the word about my books are also very much appreciated. Posts like the shout-out Carl gave me on his blog last friday, for example. Or the post Kevin did on Saturday, which Chris re-posted about the release of my new book. Speaking of which... Thanks for that, Carl, Kevin, and Chris!


Intense Guy said...

I got the book and am about 1/2 done - it has been very hectic here!

Victoria Zigler said...

No problem. I hope you're enjoying it so far?