Monday, March 14, 2016

Eight birthdays and one steampunk party (LBE and FD)

First, the birthdays...

There were four birthdays I know about in February: Rita's cat, Karma, turned 11 on February 5th.
My Dad's girlfriend, Cath, turned 50 on February 16th. Our nephew, Devon, turned 17 on February 25th. And, last but not least, my brother (Carl)'s girlfriend, Tory, turned 25 on February 27th.

So, a belated happy birthday to you all, Karma, Cath, Devon, and Tory.

While I'm mentioning birthdays, I'll mention the March ones too, since there has already been one of those, and will be a couple more really soon: our friend, and one of my cover artists, Jacob, had his birthday on March 12th. My brother Wayne, will turn 36 tomorrow (March 15th). My honorary niece, Emma, will turn 6 on March 18th. And my friend, Rita, will be celebrating her birthday on March 28th (I'll let her tell you how old she'll be, if she wants to share that information)

So, a belated happy birthday to Jacob, and an early happy birthday to you all, Wayne, Emma, and Rita.

Also, thanks to Rita and Karma for this great card they sent me to thank me for Karma's birthday treats:


My Dad's girlfriend, Cath, celebrated her 50th birthday with a steampunk fancy dress party.

Now, I'm sure at least some of you are wondering what steampunk is, so...

Steampunk is modern technology—iPads, computers, robotics, air travel—powered by steam and set in the 1800’s.

Or, to put it another way...

Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realized as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics. If Jules Verne or H.G. Wells were writing their science fiction today, it would be considered “steampunk.”

If you want more information... Go here.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because I went for a visit to Wales towards the end of February to go to the party. I'm only getting around to posting about it now, because I had some other stuff I wanted to post about first.


I only decided to go quite close to the party date, so my costume wasn't as good as most would have been, since limitations in time, funds, and availability of suitable items that would fit me made things difficult. I did what I could with the time, resources and funds available to me though. But, hey, that's what happens when you only give yourself just over a week to make the arrangements for a costume party, and don't already have a costume in your posession.

Anyway, the costume turned out OK, I think. I was meant to be an old style cook, since we decided it was appropriate for my... Well... Slightly rounded body shape, if you know what I mean. Also, we hoped it would be easy to get pieces that would at least make a costume of some sort.

You may have already seen the photos on Facebook. But, for those who missed them... Or who aren't on Facebook... Here they are:

First, here's my Dad with his girlfriend, Cath:

And here's my brother, Carl:

Here's me:

And here are a few shots of me and Carl together:

No. I'm not picking my nose in one of those photos... I was thinking. Carl and I didn't really know anyone beyond Dad and Cath, so we were keeping ourselves entertained with games while they were socializing, and I was thinking about my answer to the question he'd just asked me, unaware that Dad had the camera pointed in our direction. We were playing the game where you have to pick a certain amount of things you'd save or want to take with you in certain situations, but with the added complication of having to provide valid reasons for doing so, rather than just giving a list. For example, one of our questions was "if you were stranded on a desert island, and had to pick eight books to have with you, which would they be? And why, out of all the books in the world, would you pick those particular books?"

OK, back to the party and costumes...

There were loads of other photos taken while we were at the party, but I'm only sharing these ones, because they're the only ones involving me and my family. At least, the only ones I have access to, since I know we showed up in at least one of the photos taken by someone else at the party, and I dare say we showed up in others too.


I should have had a white apron, but I couldn't find a big enough one that I could get to me in time, so I had to make do with the blue one (my choice was blue, green, or red; I'm not 100% certain, but I would think blue would have been a more likely alternative to white than red or green in the 1800s, and Kelly, my Mam, and my Grandma all agreed with me when I asked their opinions). I also should have had a bit more of a girly outfit, if you know what I mean. But, again, I had to work with what I could find, and at least I wasn't in joggers (sweats) and a t-shirt, which is what I usually wear. ;)

I didn't have any of the gadgets or accessories, since I had neither the time or funds to arrange any that would work alongside my costume. But, hey, I was an old fashioned cook with an iPhone in my apron pocket... Which you can't see, but it is in there with the rolling pin... So I suppose that would count. It was the best I could manage on short notice at least, and Dad and Cath just appreciated that I made the effort, so it's all good, and everyone's happy enough. Although, I'm hoping if I do this again - or anything similar - I'll have the time to do a better job with the costume for it.

It was a pretty good party. Plus, I was very impressed with the selection of vegetarian friendly options available. At most parties you'll have one or two things that are vegetarian friendly, but this party had a lot. I learned later that one of Cath's best friends is vegetarian, so that may account for it. But, regardless of the reason, I was impressed. I was able to have a full plate of food, while still only having a small sample of each item. There was everything from cheese and pineapple to curried sweet potatoes and vegetable quiche. Not to mention salad items and fresh bread rolls. The only thing I was disappointed about with the food was the lack of cake. I can't help it... I think there should be cake at a party, so I was extremely disappointed that there wasn't. My Dad kind of made up for it with the Toblerone cake and raspberry pavlova he served for tea on Sunday, but I still think the food on offer at the party should have included some cake. Sorry, but I do!

OK... This post is long enough, so... I'll tell you about the rest of my trip to Wales another day... Probably next week.


Rita said...

My Mom was 86 in February. I will be 65! Thanks for the shout out. :)
Looks like you had a great time even if you didn't know very many people there.
Have a super week. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Belated happy birthday to your Mom! :)

I thought that was how old you'd be, but wasn't sure if you wanted it mentioned, hence leaving you to say yourself. Plus, I wasn't 100% certain, so it helped to verify what I thought was the case. Anyway, as I said... Happy birthday for later this month!

Yes, it was fun... Even if I didn't know most of the people there.

Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday to all!!!

and Rita ... you're not a day over 29....

and I like your costumes!! You and Carl look really good in them!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy! :)

Jeanie said...

This party looks like so much fun and what a great idea of a costume. I think you pulled it off just fine -- no matter what color the apron was! Very clever and it sounds like a party worth traveling all the way to Wales to get to!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks about the costume. Yes, it was fun.