Friday, December 16, 2016

#Furkid Friday: Dear #Santa Paws (FD)

A letter from the rodent gang to Santa Paws:

Dear Santa Paws,

We've been very good rodents this year.

OK, sure, we know Mollie can be a little grumpy sometimes, and Maizie and Star are often a bit stricter than they should be on the human caretakers (especially Maizie, who likes things done her way, and isn't very good at being patient with the human caretakers). But everyone has their faults, and humans need to be properly trained. Besides, technically none of that stuff is bad, so we really have been good... Honest!

So, since we've been so good, can you please make sure you bring us plenty of great nibbles this Christmas? Some wooden toys and things like that we can play with and chew on would be nice too, come to think of it.

Anyway, we don't really mind what kinds of nibbles you bring. Although, Mollie and Maizie are particularly fond of those treats called "chinchilla cookies" the human caretakers sometimes buy, and so is Joshua. Star and Skye just want anything tasty they can get their teeth in to, especially if it's fruit or cheese flavoured. As for Baggins, he wants you to remember that he's allowed sugary treats sometimes, and those are the best kinds.

Squeak soon,
Baggins, Joshua, Maizie, Mollie, Skye, and Star


Rita said...

I bet Santa gets your letter and you find great treats to nibble on come Christmas! It's always good to write a very polite letter, though. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

We're hoping Santa Paws is as generous as he was last year. Of course, we're still trying to figure out how he's delivering these nibbles without us spotting him... Well, the four of us old enough to remember last year are. Mollie doesn't remember last Christmas, since she was only a tiny baby (she was practically newborn) and this is Maizie's first ever Christmas.

Squeak soon,
The rodent gang

Intense Guy said...

Maybe, just maybe this is the year you see Santa Paws! (Or Ulrike!)

Victoria Zigler said...

We sure hope so. We're going to look for him, that's for sure. Santa Paws, that is. Although we'll watch for Ulrike while we're at it too, since we hear he's a nice giant, and he might bring us nibbles too.

Squeak soon,
The rodent gang