Friday, December 02, 2016

#Furkid Friday: A #Rodent Photo Shoot

Um... Hi everyone! This is Mollie the chinchilla.

The human caretakers did one of those photo shoot things recently. If you don't know, it has nothing to do with shooting. Yeah, I thought it did first time I heard them talk about it too, so don't feel bad. But it turns out it just means they sit or stand somewhere nearby and point the flashy thing at us several times, then keep any pictures that aren't just our tails as we run too far to the left or right, or whatever. I don't know why they do it, but since they did, and we're super cute, I figured I'd share the pictures they got in this latest photo shooting.

First, a couple of photos of us chinchillas. This is me playing in the pen with my sister, Maizie:

This one is Maizie:

This one is me (Mollie):

Yeah, I know it's tough to tell us apart. The only difference in our appearance is that my fur is a bit lighter than Maizie's fur. Don't worry if you can't really see it. Our personalities are more different though, since I'm a lot more shy and reserved than Maizie, and I also get upset a lot more easily.

Anyway... Back to the pictures...

This is our gerbil brother, Baggins:

Here's our ratty sister, Star, coming to see what the fuss is all about:

Here's our other ratty sister, Skye, who didn't see what all the fuss was about, so was very reluctant to do more than stick her head out of the rat house briefly to see what was happening:

Last, but not least, here's our remaining degu brother, Joshua, trying to keep an eye on what the human caretakers were up to, without giving them the chance to get close enough to grab him:

That's all of us. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Squeak soon,


IntenseGuy said...

You are indeed super cute!!

I hope Joshua feels more trusting of his humans soon.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thank you!

Joshua is still suspicious of the human caretakers, but will at least come to greet the Mummy human when she brings breakfast again now. Although, he grabs a nibble from her and runs to the opposite side of the cage as quick as he possibly can. It's better than he was doing though.

Squeak soon,

Danielle L Zecher said...

Y'all are all incredibly cute! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, and you're welcome.

Squeak soon,

Rita said...

Wow! A photo catch up of the whole rodent family! Nice to see everyone. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... Glad you enjoyed getting to see photos of us all.

Squeak soon,