Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Saturday

Today is what I would call a "proper Autumn day." It's a nice, dry day, but not all that warm. We've had a lot of days like this over the last week or so.

Mam's friend Kelly was giving Mam a driving lesson this afternoon, so they stopped off at my place and grabbed me and Kero. Mam drove us from my place to hers, then we parked up her car. We were then planning on catching the bus back down to the park, because Kelly (Mam's friend, not my Kelly) had to go somewhere, and Mam isn't allowed to drive her car without a co-driver who has a full licence at the moment, but it turned out that Kelly was heading the way we were, so she gave us a lift in her Dad's 4x4, which she was borrowing. I was really pleased about that, because I love 4x4s.

So, Mam, Willow, Kero and I walked through the park, then we walked along by the river before going our separate ways for Mam and Willow to get the bus home and Kero and I to walk home.

It too up a lot more time than it looks from how short the paragraph is. Honest! LOL!

We had hoped to have another picnic, but Mam went in to Swansea with Wayne this morning, and by the time she got back we'd both had lunch already, so that plan was abandoned.

Haven't really done anything since I've been home. All I've really done is check blogs. Speaking of which, I posted a video that I snagged from one, so you might want to scroll down and watch it.

I think we tired Kero out, because he's been sprawled on the sofa, fast asleep, since we got back. Bless him!



KAYLEE said...


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

WOW, you sound like you all had a great day, and a ride in a 4x4, lucky lady's or what .and the film is very-very good.

Karen said...

Glad you enjoyed but you should of said what my driving was like lol
mam xx

Tori_Z said...

Yes, it was, Kaylee.

Yes, we did Grandma.

And, Mam, I will say what I thought of your driving when I do today's blog, OK?