Monday, March 24, 2008

The furkids' update post

As those of you familiar with photos of Kero will be able to tell from the above photo, Kero did make it to his grooming appointment. He wasn't all that happy about going though. When the groomer knocked on the door, he ran and hid in the kitchen. I ended up carrying him to the front door, and she had to practically drag him to her car. When he came home it was the complete opposite though... He was the one doing the dragging. It's times like that I'm glad I only have a Westie and not something bigger. I think the groomer feels the same way. LOL! Anyway, he's got to go to the groomer again in June. His appointment is for June 12th 2008.
The furkids did pretty good during the move. I think the cats were less bothered about it all than Kero was. They weren't too pleased about spending most of Friday in their pet carriers though. Nor were they impressed at having their paws buttered - not that I blame them. But, other than that the cats didn't seem too concerned. Megan did hide among the bags and boxes for a bit, but by Friday night both cats seemed fine.
We'd planned on keeping the cats in for at least a few days after we moved in, but they had other ideas. We opened the back door to take Kero out and Sakura shot past. She was a bit confused at finding herself somewhere strange though, and decided not to stay out for more than a couple of seconds. The problem was that once she'd been out once, she was determined to go back out and find out what this new place was. So, by Friday night Sakura had decided she was going out whether we wanted her to or not, and since she came home each time, we decided to leave her to it.
Megan's first trip outside was a bit more eventful. She got scared, jumped on the shed roof, then was too scared to get down. My Mam ended up rescuing her. After that she wasn't sure if she liked the idea of going outside, but when she realised she could easily get to the field the other side of our garden fence she changed her mind.
Now, both cats go out when they want, and both cats come back when they want. We're refusing to leave a window open for them though (we used to do that in the old place, but it meant we froze to death on cold days) so they are going in and out of the door like normal cats. LOL! The first few days they were quite annoyed to find that sometimes they would come back to find the door closed, but I think they're getting used to it now.
Kero's first trip outside was quite eventful too. Or, rather, his first trip outside after we moved in. We brought him to see the new place the Saturday before we moved in (so, March 1st) and he was as good as gold. No "accidents" and no barking. We were very proud of him. Anyway, that day we walked in to town to the main bus station to get a bus back to the old place, and, of course, Kero walked with us. No problems or anything. Well, after the movers went on the Friday, we let Kero out in the yard by himself. Now, we knew there were some gaps in the fence, but we figured with Kero it wouldn't matter for like five minutes or so. Wrong! Off trots Kero, through the gaps in the fence, and along the road we'd taken to go to town. By the time my Mam caught up with him he was almost half way to town and looking mighty pleased with himself. Man that dog has a good memory! Needless to say, the following morning Mam, Kero and I went to town to get some wire stuff to patch up the holes in the fence. LOL!
He's made a few attempts at going to town since (like when we answer the front door, for example, he does a runner) and my Dad says if he's so determined to go to town we should just give him the shopping list and tell him to do the shopping while he's in there. LOL! I don't think that'll work though. For one thing, I don't know if he can read or not, and for another thing he'd probably only buy the stuff he likes from the list anyway. LOL!
I've got the details on his chip changed now, and he's got a new tag with our new number on it, so if he gets out again and someone picks him up, at least we'll be able to get him back. We've also updated our file at the vet so that Kero, Sakura and Megan are registered with our new address and everyone else is taken off the file, because I don't want to get reminders to take furkids I no longer have to the vet for their shots.
Kero's loving his garden, but I don't think he's quite used to the idea that we're staying here as yet. He keeps pawing at us then going to the cupboard where his lead is, then going to the front door, which is something like what he does at my parents' place when he's had enough and wants to go home. So, I think he's having a little trouble accepting that this is home now. Still, he's getting better, and doesn't do it nearly as often now as he did the first week we were here.
So, for the most part everything went smoothly with moving the furkids. In fact, with the girls it went better than we could have hoped. Kero... Well, I for one did sort of expect his reaction. He's had to deal with a lot in his life so far, and doesn't cope with changes in the routine very well. He just needs time to adjust though, then he'll be fine.


LadyStyx said...

Paws buttered? *looks it up* Ahhh ok, now I understand. I simply cannot get the picture of Sakura and Megan running around with tubs of oleo (margarine) on their paws like shoes (or even sticks of Parkay strapped to them like ice skates). I was beginning to think it was a British thing but looks like it's not. I'd never heard of that before, but of course all my feline furkids have been of the indoor variety (only times out were to the vet so they were positively terrified of the outdoors). As for our dog, she never strays too far from her Daddy so she's never been a problem.

Tori_z said...

I did wonder if I should explain that bit about the paws being buttered. LOL!

For the benifit of anyone else who doesn't know what I'm talking about... Some people butter their pets' paws (mostly just cats in my experience, but some people do other animals too) when they move. The idea behind it is that smearing butter on the pet's paws will mean that when they walk around their new home the scents from that home end up on their paws. This means that if they wander off to explore the new area they've moved to then it will be easier for them to find their way home again.

AliceKay said...

I've never heard of that either. Sounds like they are all adjusting to the new place tho. That's good.

KAYLEE said...

HOW aRE YOU TOri?????????? I AM EXTREMELY NOT doING GOOd!!!!!!!!

KAYLEE said...

just feeling a litle down today read my post L*

Intense Guy said...

It never ceases to amaze me how photogenic, handsome, and how much character Kero has!

Hope all the animals like their new home and hope YOU and Kelly do too!

Tori_z said...

Yes, they do seem to be adjusting to the new place really nicely.

I'm fine. Sorry to hear that you aren't. *hugs* Will go read your post in a sec.

Thanks, :)