Friday, March 06, 2015

Furkid Friday - March 6th 2015

Hi humans, fellow rodent types, and anyone else reading this.

This is Jenks... One of the degu brothers.

I don't know why, but we moved to a whole other place. The humans didn't even bother to ask us if we wanted to! They just started talking about "new flat" and packing everything up. Naturally, we assumed it was one of those weird things humans do that had nothing to do with us, so we ignored it all.

We were wrong!

First stuff started to disappear, which was strange. Then the Mummy human vanished. She said something about seeing us later - so we assumed she was going for a nap or something - but morning came and she didn't come and see us. Jacob and Jasper got upset at this point; even more so when they squealed and she didn't come and check on them. But no matter how much they squealed, the Mummy human didn't come.

Joshua and I figured she'd show up eventually, but what actually happened was that a blanket was put over most of our cage, and then it got taken out in to the cold, then we were shoved in a taxi - like when we came from that "petstore" place - and bounced about a bit; which Joshua and I found annoying, because we were trying to play, and the coconut shell I was spinning kept lodging under the wheel Joshua was trying to run on. Jacob and Jasper shut up for the journey, so that was a good thing... They were too busy trying to out-stare the taxi driver, and look around at everything they could see through the parts of the cage not covered by the blanket.

I'm not sure where the taxi actually took us, but the Mummy human was there, so that pleased Jacob and Jasper. Unfortunately, we then had a long time of mine and Joshua's play time continuing to be disrupted by the cage being bumped about, because there were lots and lots of steps for the humans to take us up, and every time we thought they were done it turned out they were just resting.

When we finally got to the top - which took forever - they took the blanket off our cage, and we saw clearly that we were in a whole other room. At first it was just us and the Mummy human, but later our gerbil brothers and ratty sisters were brought in to the room too.

This "new flat" place seems nice. It's more spacious than the other place, not to mention warmer; especially now we have our tables back, so our cages are off the floor. There's a strange noise we hear all the time though. The Mummy human says it's the sound of something called "the ocean" and that we didn't notice it before because we were in the living room of the old place, and you could only just hear it from the bedroom of that place (and then only if you opened the window, the ocean was rough, and everything else was absolutely silent). We can hear it always hear though... Even with the windows closed, and our radio on.

Bilbo and Skye didn't like the whole moving thing, but the rest of us were only bothered about the fact our tables didn't come for lots of days, so our cages were down on the floor where anything could get at us.

Well, there was one time Jasper got upset. But it was because of a big storm a couple of nights after we got here... Jasper's never liked storms though, so that would have happened whether we'd been moved or not.

Anyway, even Bilbo and Skye are starting to settle down from being moved now; they were both very scared! Skye hardly came out of hiding for the first week, and Bilbo went off his food and stamped a lot. The humans were a bit worried - more about Bilbo than anything, since at least Skye was eating (though possibly only because Star was taking food down to their house for her). But now Skye is coming out to play again (as well as fetching her own food) and Bilbo is eating again.

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

Wow! What nerve to move without asking you! I hope you like the new home around your home!

Victoria Zigler said...

I know! These humans have no consideration! OK, so this "new flat" place where our cage is now is nice, but it would have been nice to be asked, you know?

Squeak soon,