Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - March 25th 2015

In case you missed yesterday's post where I announced it...

My latest book "Isabelle's Runaway Racehorse" was officially released yesterday!

It's one for horse lovers; officially aimed at children, though - I hope - adults will enjoy it too. See yesterday's post, or the book's page on Goodreads - or your favourite ebook retailer - for the synopsis.

You can buy it from Smashwords in all formats they offer, as well as from Barnes & Noble, the Apple iBook Store, Kobo, and a few other ebook retailers who carry my books.

To all who take - or, have taken - the time to buy a copy... Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

I always appreciate any and all reviews people take the time to leave, so, thank you also if you've reviewed a book of mine after reading it; self-published authors like me need your reviews and recommendations to help spread the word about our books!

I obviously prefer good reviews, but any reviews are better than none, and I know it would be impossible for everyone who read my books to enjoy them; as much as I'd like everyone to do so.

Have you had some bad reviews on your own book(s)? If so, here's an article on wonderfully bad book reviews to make you feel better about them.

As another example for you of good reviews disguised as bad ones...

Last night I was looking at my reviews on Barnes & Noble, and happened to notice that there were a couple of low reviews on "Frank The Friendly Ogre" - which, by the way, is usually a popular book of mine; especially with it being free. So, I looked closer.

I had a 1 star review where the reviewer's comment was "This book is for 1 year olds."

Now, since "Frank The Friendly Ogre" is a book aimed at young children of picture book age, which would mean it's a book I hope parents who read ebooks to their infants and toddlers - as many do - will consider reading at bed time, I'm actually rather pleased that this person considers my book to be suitable for the audience I had in mind. So, thank you kind reviewer! *Wink*

Remember, it's not just the little kids who enjoy being read to. A recent survey from Scholastic found that older children like to be read to as well. Hey, why not? I mean, this big kid still loves to be read to!


Intense Guy said...

I wouldn't get to upset over some folks "reviews" - there seems to always, always, always be someone or someones that just have to belly ache, carp and/or complain about things - and as you noted with the one star Frank the Ogre review, the comment shows the so-call reader is an idiot.

Victoria Zigler said...

I got upset the very first time I had a low review, but then I realized that even the most popular books - like "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, the "Harry Potter" series, and the "Twilight" saga - have had some bad reviews. Yet those books are some of the most popular books out there. It's impossible to please everyone, and all I can do is write the best stories I can, and hope at least a few people enjoy them.

AliceKay said...

All good books and good movies have had bad reviews at some point. People's opinions differ and sometimes they're just off kilter. *hugs*

Victoria Zigler said...

Very true! :)