Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - March 23rd 2015 (FD)

Did you know that Friday (March 20th 2015) was the Spring Equinox?

Well, you do now!

At least, it was here in the Northern hemisphere... It would have been the Autumn Equinox in the Southern hemisphere though.

If you don't know, the Equinox is the time of year when the day and night are equal in length, which happens twice a year.


Did you know that there was also a solar eclipse on the 20th of March?

Could you see it from where you were Did you try?

We should have been able to see at least a partial eclipse, so we took a flask of hot peppermint tea and the camera with us to sit out by the ocean Friday morning, hoping to grab photos.

But there was too much mist and cloud cover, so we couldn't see the sun...

Some neighbours had the same idea as we did...

(They had dogs with them, but the dogs were all over the place, so we didn't get their photo).

But the only evidence of the eclipse we could see was a slight darkening of the sky, and the sea birds going crazy...

The neighbours gave up first, then we did; or, rather, I did... I think Kelly would have given up sooner if I wasn't so stubbourn... Despite being cold...

I know Kelly had been looking longingly towards home for a while...

But when we went home; after one more attempt at a photo...

This orange cone head alien was still patiently standing out in the cold... Waiting - and hoping - for a glimpse of the eclipse...

He had the right idea, if you ask me, since he was stood a short distance from the door of a nice little tea shop, where he had easy access to a selection of very tasty cakes and pastries, and all the tea or coffee he could want!

Since the tea shop the orange cone head alien was outside of was just around the corner from our door, I asked him to give us a shout if the clouds cleared away. They did... Once it was too late to see anything... *Sigh*

Well, it was a nice outing... If a bit chilly... Despite the failed eclipse watching attempt.

For those who may be interested... The rodent gang didn't even care that there was an eclipse. In fact, as far as we can tell, they slept through it. At least, they were sleeping peacefully when we got home.

Oh... I almost forgot to mention... The camera's time is an hour ahead of the time it actually was. We never changed it last October, and since I wasn't usually bothered about the time when photos were taken, it wasn't noticed before. I didn't give it a thought until Kelly mentioned the time stamp on the first photos we took on Friday, which I know were taken an hour earlier than it says on the camera. We could probably figure out how to change the time on the camera if we looked, but since the clocks change this coming weekend, there's not much point.


In a recent Thursday thoughts blog post, Mindy McGinnis mentioned her worries about the possibility of being a robot, due to the internet constantly challenging her to prove she isn't one.

This made me worry about the possibility of being one and not knowing it. I mean, the internet does keep asking...

Even more worrying is the fact I know it's possible to bypass the annoying "please prove you're not a robot" word verification thingy sometimes, and have done so on several ocasions. Does this increase the chances of me being a robot?

I'm pretty sure I'm not one. But what if I'm programmed to think that way?


My hospital appointment to sort out my tooth was this past Thursday, and they didn't seem to find any evidence that I'm actually a robot, which is comforting, and probably decreases the chances of me being one. Unless they're supposed to make it seem that way? Hmmm...


The appointment was a waste of time, if you ask me!

Despite my having already seen my own dentist first, I had to have a consultation with the hospital's dentist, plus have new mouth x-ray's done (because, apparently, the ones the dentist do aren't clear enough). They also did a blood test, because of the reason for me being referred to the hospital in the first place.

Then they told me it would be "7 or 8 more weeks" before I could go back for it to be sorted.

I wasn't impressed about that, and pointed out to them that I've been in pain since before Christmas, and this is ridiculous.

They replied that it was "procedure" - of course.

With some whining and complaining, I managed to get them to bring it forward by a few weeks. So, I have an appointment to get the painful tooth, plus the wisdom tooth on the same side as it pulled out on April 15th, and will then have to go back a couple of weeks later to have the other wisdom tooth out.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to continue to be grateful that clove oil is fantastic for toothache. *Sigh*


Intense Guy said...

The whole thing with the Dentist is ridiculous! More ridiculous that having to prove one isn't a robot -(I just ignore it and my comments always seem to post anyway).

It was nice to see helpful Cone Head. I wonder what sort of pastry he/she likes best?

The eclipse wasn't visible at all here - I heard the best view was up in the arctic regions. Oh well - maybe the next one? Smiles and hugs.

Victoria Zigler said...

I agree about the ridiculousness of the dentist thing and the needing to prove you're not a robot.

I'm not sure, but I think the place makes too many excellent things for him to decide; he seemed unable to come up with an answer when I asked.

Yeah, most places where the eclipse was meant to be visible didn't see much; even those where it was clear enough that they should have been able to. So, I guess we didn't miss much with the clouds not clearing away in time. Like you said... Maybe next time?

Rita said...

Couldn't see anything here, either. Not sure if we were supposed to be able to see anything, but we couldn't anyways--LOL!

People sick of winter were blog-talking about the equinox, so I did know. ;)

Nice looking building you live in! I can't believe they are still putting you off for more weeks with your teeth! Glad the clove oil is working, at least somewhat. It will be such a relief when you have both the surgeries behind you!!

Funny about the robot thing! I had no idea there were so many robots roaming around with computers that they find it necessary to test all of us. If I am a robot, I am a poorly made one. LOL! ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm not sure if you were meant to have been able to see anything... To be honest, I only checked the UK.

Yeah... I'm not surprised people sic of Winter were talking about the equinox, LOL!

Oh, yes.... It will be a relief when the dentist stuff is all over with. Of course, I'll probably only get a few months break before needing to deal with something else. But, hey, at least I'll get the break! Besides, I could be a lot worse off! :)

I didn't know there were so many robots wandering around with computers either. But then, since I might be one, I suppose it's possible I was programmed not to notice?

AliceKay said...

I agree with Iggy about the ridiculousness (is that a word?) of the dentist issue. I can't believe they're making you wait so long before getting it taken care of. I know the pain must be unbearable at times. Big hugs to you.

I ignore the Robot thing and it pretty much ignores me. LOL

Victoria Zigler said...

Sometimes the pain gets bad, but the clove oil is helping a lot. Still, it is absolutely ridiculous!

Good call on ignoring the robot thing, LOL!