Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - June 17th 2015 (FD)

Guess what?

The following books are now also available as paperbacks from CreateSpace and Amazon:

*Bluebell The Fairy Guide
*Frank The Friendly Ogre
*Goodies For Grandmother
*Lonely Little Princess
*Rodent Rhymes And Pussycat Poems
*The Forgotten Angel
*The Great Tadpole Rescue
*Vinnie The Vegetarian Zombie

(Click on the book title for the CreateSpace link).

We're almost half way there, and more of my books will be available in paperback soon... At this rate it won't be many more weeks before we're all caught up with making my entire backlist available in paperback!

In the meantime... Here are some writing related links:

If you self-publish, like I do, here are some tips for staying sane in a self-publishing world. Also, these are the 10 things that really matter when it comes to judging your success.

Struggling to get your writing time in? Check out these productivity tips for writers.

Plenty of real life social activities involve food and/or drink: catching up with friends over coffee, ordering a pizza to share with your partner on date night, taking your kids out for a burger and fries on the weekend... You get the idea, I'm sure! In fact, some solo activities involve food and/or drink too. I mean, I bet most people reading this at least have a drink beside them right now... I know I do. So adding food in to your fiction can help to bring some life to some of your scenes. Here are some tips on using food in fiction, which explain this in more detail.

Should we stick to the old saying about writing what you know? Or should we be teaching a writed new tricks? Personally, I'm all for learning new things while writing; the research can be fun!

Speaking of learning new things... Are you writing for children? Be sure your character grows, so that your young readers can learn and grow alongside your character.

Formatting matters, so here are some tips on formatting your book. They're aimed at eBooks, but formatting matters in other formats too. I try to keep the formatting as simple as possible, while - I hope - making it easy to read my books; that's the advice I'd give you too.

If you've written your book, and think it would be the perfect book for someone to take on holiday with them, here are 7 top tips for promoting your novel as a holiday read.

Finally... What do we mean by selling? (A post for writers, not salespeople).


Intense Guy said...

I hope all your books will be available in Create Space soon! Just four covers that just won't cooperate left to do!

Victoria Zigler said...

I've got more proofs on the way to me, and once we finally get those last four to play nice, I can have the last batch of proofs come to me. So, it hopefully will only be a few more weeks until all my books are available as paperbacks. After that it will just be a case of arranging each one as I finnish writing it.