Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - June 24th 2015

It's possible I might have writeritis... I have many of the symptoms. Here are 20 symptoms of writeritis, in case you want to check if you have it too.

Here are some tips on twisting the plot, in case you could use some advice on how to add some exciting plot twists to your story.

Always remember... There are only so many hours in the day, and just because you're good at something, doesn't mean you have to be the one to do it all... Sometimes it's OK to ask someone else to do the things we're good at.

Finally, here are some annoying things only writers will understand.


Intense Guy said...

Nope. No writeritis for me... Smiles.

I do, however, dislike phone calls, doorbells and other nuisance interruptions... at work or other wise!

Jeanie said...

Thanks for the links, Tori! Plot twists have always been a problem for me -- one reason I don't do fiction!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, it can be annoying when that happens; and it's always at times when you could really do without it. Of course, when you're sat there not doing much, nobody calls.

You're welcome. Yes, plot twists can be tricky to do right.