Sunday, July 17, 2016

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After learning that Chris and his sister had published a collection of their Mother's poems recently, I wanted to give them the opportunity to tell my readers about it. I e-mailed Chris, and invited him to do a post on my blog. Naturally, he accepted. So, here's what he had to say:

My thanks to Tori for including me on her great site, it's a great honour for me.

I must confess that my sister and I are completely blown away by the fantastic response to, and support of, our Mum's book 'My Vibrating Vertebrae: and other poems'

The reviews posted on Amazon have caused us both to feel very emotional, but proud, about Mum and her poetic storytelling skills.

Full credit goes to my sister Lorna for gathering, compiling and typing up all the poems she could find (I was still living and working Overseas at the time).

Her dream of publishing them came closer when I retired and, without knowing about the poems, decided to start a blog to help Indie Authors spread news about their works.

Three years or so later, Lorna sent me the poems and asked if I could publish them.

After reading them, I certainly agreed to try, thereby entering into the (scary) world of the 500+ authors I'd had as Guests on my blog.

To give a flavour of what Mum wrote, here is one of her poems:

Journey in an Aeroplane

Were you ever in an aeroplane?
My, but the feelings are hard to ponder.
The engine starts, the speed builds up,
then you're in the blue yonder.

We boarded the plane at Aldergrove,
and up the steps we staggered.
Our hearts in our mouths, our faces white,
our eyes all looking haggard.

300 miles an hour 9,000 feet up,
the fields looked so wee and neat.
The roads like grey ribbons,
and the houses like those for dolls, so petite.
The rivers were like silver bands,
the trees like chips of green jade.
A lough, like a shimmering jewel lay,
what precious things our God has made.

Clouds now each side like fleecy snow,
unmarked by man, so virgin white.
Bits of blue, like best porcelain,
what a glorious, breathless sight.

Now the sea of grey-green marble,
stretching as far as the eye can see.
Big ships, a lighthouse in model size,
huge waves, like ripples in the sea.

If all could fly, above God’s earth just once,
to see ourselves as God us does see.
Humility would make us pray, with joy,
thank you God for noticing me.

We land at last, land flashes past,
the doors open on man’s world again.
Strange how quiet and thankful we feel,
after our moment near God, in an aeroplane.
If you enjoyed it and would like to read more, the book is available in eBook and Paperback at:
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Tracy Campbell said...

Tori, so glad you interviewed Chris. I enjoyed the poems very much. Which reminds me I need to write a review. 😀

Tracy Campbell said...

PS. I'll share now too.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, as well as for sharing the post. :)

Tracy Campbell said...

My pleasure. 👍

Intense Guy said...

I love the airplane ride poem!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, great poem, isn't it? I haven't grabbed my copy of the book yet, but the snipets I've seen in the various places where it's been featured make me think it's going to be a very enjoyable book to read!