Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - July 27th 2016

I'm now done with writing about Saxons and Normans, since I've pre-released "Eadweard - A Story Of 1066" - my story about the Battle Of Hastings. It's not out until October, and I actually have another book - my science fiction story, "Jeffrey The Orange Alien" - due out between now and then. But it was finnished, so I figured I'd go ahead and pre-release it. This means that those of you who like to pre-order my books from places like Barnes & Noble, or Apple iBooks, can do so, if you wish to.

Also, "The Ocean's Lullaby And Other Poems" is now available in paperback from CreateSpace and Amazon, and will become available in paperback elsewhere soon... Barnes & Noble will start carrying the paperback version in the next couple of months for example (they already carry the eBook version).

(Clicking on the book's title above will take you to the page for it on the CreateSpace store).


Are you a writer? Or, do you just dream of being one?

Struggling with writers' block? Or, feeling creative, but out of ideas? Try this simple method for writing a good story... You'll never be out of ideas again! But, if you need some help getting started, here are 15 plots from European mythology and ancient literature to inspire you.


There are still a few days left in which to take advantage of the huge discounts in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale!

As I've mentioned so many times you're probably sick of hearing it by now, the eBook versions of all of my books are half price as part of this sale. So, just head on over to my Smashwords author page to see what books I have on offer, pick the books you want, and enter coupon code SSW50 at checkout for each book. After that, all you have to do is grab the version that works best for your eReader of choice - mobi, if you're using a Kindle, for example - and enjoy!

You may also want to just head on over to Smashwords to find out who else has their books on sale.


It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays when you have a product to market, whether it's a book, or something else. So, this is just a friendly reminder that you might want to start planning for the holidays. If not now, then at least some time very soon.

Finally, if you recently published a new book, and the book launch didn't go well, here's what to do when your book launch fails.


Intense Guy said...

How did you dream up the name Eadweard?

Victoria Zigler said...

I searched on Google for "Saxon names" and found it among a list. I picked that one because I liked it, and it was one of the least complicated to say, or to remember the spellings of. That's also how Eadweard's friend, Cerdic, got his name.