Monday, July 20, 2015

A quick peek inside our apartment

Today I thought I'd share a few photos of the apartment with you. After all, we've been here several months, and I did say I'd sort some photos when we'd had a bit more time to settle in.

I warn you, things are still sort of chaotic here, with boxes still packed, or only half unpacked, etc. Not to mention we still haven't replaced our computer chairs, sorted the rail for the curtains in the computer room, or done a few other similar things.

I think Kelly tried to avoid getting the chaos in the photos, plus these are just quick snaps, so they don't show every feature, and may not be great quality shots. But I figured a few snapsshots would be better than nothing to those of you who are dying to see the inside of where I live now, rather than just getting to see the view from our windows.


This is the living room:

(Which, as you can no doubt see from the photos, is also where the rodent gang lives).

And here's the little kitchen area that leads off of it:

(The sink is to your left, but since it's just the sink and the bins for garbage and recycling over there, we didn't bother to get a shot; I don't think you can see the fridge to the far right either).

This is the computer room, and the Disney Princess wallpaper that's on one of its walls:

I expect you can easily figure out which computer is mine, and which is Kelly's?

This is me in the hallway that seporates the bedroom, bathroom, and utility area from the other rooms:

The utility area where the washing machine lives is sort of behind me, and so is the door to the bathroom.

And this is our bedroom:

So, there you go. A quick peek in to the apartment we moved in to at the end of February.

Maybe you'll get better shots at some point in the future. But, for now, at least you can say you know what our place looks like.

Well, sort of...


Intense Guy said...

Nice looking apartment! I like the layout!

I wonder who had the place before you - they had interesting taste in wallpaper. Smiles.

The photo of the living room caught the kitchen sink and refrigerator.

Have you gotten settle yet? I mean, it might be hard figuring out and learning where things are after being someplace else for a while.

Victoria Zigler said...

I have no idea who was here before. The decorating isn't done quite how we'd have done it, but right now we aren't bothered about changing it.

I've mostly got things figured out. Though sometimes the walls sneak up on me, or doorways move from where I think they should be.

Deanna said...

Hi Tori. I like the layout too. What a nice place to call home! Oh how I would love to live close to the ocean. Such soothing sounds! Thank you for sharing.

Rita said...

I like the double windows with all the light. Kitchen looks nice and you have quite a bit of room. Thanks for sharing. I will have pics of my new place pretty soon--in total chaos--LOL! ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks; glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, it's wonderful being able to hear the ocean all the time.

Thanks. Yeah, we have a lot more space here than we did in the last place, and having the second bedroom big enough to actually be used as a computer room helps even more, because we don't have to try and cram everything in to the living room.

There's always chaos when you move, isn't there? It seems to take forever to get things in their proper places.